Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cars Birthday Fun!

Well, while my pants~along puts on pockets, I thought I'd try out something fun for Logan's birthday party. I've been seeing all of these sweet buntings on blogs and in Etsy shops, so I thought I'd haul out some scraps and give it a go. I used this great tutorial, with a few minor changes.
Here is my fun Cars bunting!
Cute, eh? I think Lightning McQueen looks excited!

So, the only things that I did differently were that I didn't use fat quarters, just scraps from other projects, and I didn't starch my pennants. I tried it on one, but it didn't seem to make any difference, so I quit. One thing I did discover is that starching your bias tape makes a BIG difference, both in the making and in the using. I've often read that you should starch your bias strips before you press them into the tape, but it always seemed like an extra step. It's not! It totally made this project so much easier, and my tape so much better! I am a reformed woman. Going forward, there will be starch in my bias tape.
I also found this fun arrowhead shaped stitch in Janome's arsenal. She may not honeycomb, but she's still got a few cool stitches. I think this one makes for a nice "boy" touch, if Cars and checkered flags aren't "boy" enough for you!
Logan and Myra approve!

Wondering where my scraps came from? Well, the red Lightning McQueen and checkered flag fabric were left over from these, and the blue Cars toss was left over from this. The tan Cars toss was given to me by my good friend Donna, who had bought a bolt to use for some home dec stuff and then never got around to it. So now I have a bolt to play with! So fun!


Beth said...

I love the fabric buntings! We are planning to make one, and we have two Sept birthdays, so either we've got to hurry or make it for next year. Good tip on starching bias tape.

Carrie said...

love it!!!! So cute...I'm in such a slump right now, I have my new serger, and it is STILL IN THE BOX!!! Trying to get life back in order. Need to put bunting on my list for Tori's 1st bday :)

Tamara said...

What a cute decoration for a fun birthday!

Sarah said...

I love fabric bunting! I made some for The Little Master's nursery. It's so festive!

Polly said...

very cool!