Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I finished this dress several months ago, but Myra has finally grown into it. Seriously, Big 4 patterns for babies are ridiculously large... This is a "Medium", which roughly corresponds to a 6-9 month size if you look at the envelope measurements. Myra is a year old and wearing 18-24 month on the rare occasion that she wears RTW.
Anyway, I'm actually glad that it ended up too big. It is so long that crawling in it is quite a challenge, so it is a good thing that Myra is a walker now.Here she is accessorizing. You are never to young. I think this is a perfect LBD. Now she just needs a nice pair of stilettos and we're ready to go!
And look, she's learning early the importance of proper tools for pressing...

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Tamara said...

I couldn't believe their sizing when my daughter was little either. We had some rather large dresses to grow into too.