Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tipmatic Project #1

As I mentioned in my last post, I needed a project to put the Tipmatic through her paces. I also wanted to test out this skirt pattern as a possible first project for my sewing group, so I thought I'd just kill two birds with one stone. I hunted through my stash and found this pretty peachy fabric that had come from my Mother-in Law's stash. It looks like it is a cotton-poly "Linen Look" fabric, that may have once been curtains. The selvage was still present, but one end was hemmed. So, fabric in hand - here we go!It worked up fairly quickly and I think it turned out quite nicely for a basic elastic waist skirt. I does have a yoke and a curved hem, so it is quite flattering on. The skirt is in 4 panels, each on cut on grain, so in a fabric with more drape, it should hang quite nicely. All in all, a well designed pattern for such a simple skirt. The pattern also includes several tiered views, and the tiers are curved, which I think is a nice touch as well. Definitely a keeper!
I thought it was a little dull as it was, so I topstitched the yoke with the honeycomb stitch in a coordinating cream thread. I think it was nice.
I also lined it. The peach fabric is quite sheer. And I hemmed the lining with the honeycomb stitch as well. I really like that stitch...

Anyway, both the Pfaff and the pattern passed with flying colors! We'll be using them both.
ETA: Here is the skirt on. Nice!

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Geebee said...

Hi I discovered your blog today purely by chance. I have a Tipmatic 1027 I saw at the 1978 Ideal Home Exhibition.My mother bought it for me as birthday present. I had it serviced in 1987 and the repairman told me never to sell it. The Tipmatic stil works and seeing your project has inspired me to get sewing again thanks.