Monday, December 22, 2014

Vogue 1378 take 2

And here we have another make it took me too long to photograph. I made these pants several weeks ago, and have worn them at least weekly since then. That's a winner in my closet!
The pattern is Vogue 1378, which I made previously here. That pair is still in rotation, although just as lounging around the house pants, as the cool silver foil printing has worn off of the knees. I decided I needed a basic black pair, which of course, makes the seaming impossible to see.
The last time I made this, I used the lapped seam method as directed by the pattern. This time, I elected to use traditional seams, which makes the seaming even less obvious. I'm really making the most of this cool pattern... The only place that traditional seams was difficult is the one inset corner at the top of the leg slit. It was a little tricky to sew as a regular seam. I did the usual staystitch and clip method and it worked out fine.
Since I had made a pair of these before, I though the fit wouldn't be an issue, but this ponte is a teeny bit more drapey than the last pair, and I get a bit of wrinkling around the front crotch and knees that I don't have in the first pair.
The back fit is pretty good, although again, the fabric is draping a bit more. I probably could have taken a fisheye alteration back there.
I just love that kicky little leg slit. It looks so great with heels. This pattern has been a total winner in my wardrobe. It goes together easily and wears well. Secret PJs are the best. If you're curious, the top is Vogue 8919, made last year. You can see it here.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cowl neck Bimaa

I wear my Renfrews a lot, so Myra sees the cowl neck, cuffs and waistband style on me often, and has several times requested a top "like that".
A couple of months ago I made her one. For some reason have only now photographed it. She wears it all the time, just the camera/good lighting/other kids occupied stars have never aligned. Finally I just decided to take some pictures, even if they aren't super great. Better to have blogged bad pics than never to have blogged at all...
Of course, the natural kid Renfrew is the Bimaa Sweater by LouBee Clothing. It has all the elements of the Renfrew that Myra was looking for - long sleeves, cuffs and waistband, and a nice big, shapely cowl.
Just for funsies, I used the solid coordinate fabric for the underside of the cowl, as well as the cuffs and waistband. The fabrics are both from Girl Charlee. They were supposed to be a Pinny Pinafore for me. How does that kid talk me into this stuff??
I love the fit of the Bimaa on Myra. It's a great length and fitted enough to look nice, with enough ease for play and comfort.
Myra loves her  new (ish) Bimaa. It's comfy and pink, which are the two major requirements for her wardrobe. Bonus that she can match  me without random strangers telling us how cute we are.