Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pants~along: Butt darts

Well, I am all caught up on startdustshoes pantsalog! Yay! Here is the front, with my round pockets and double needle topstitching. As you can see, I decided against the faux fly. I think there is enough going on with all the pocket stitching, and there is more stitching to come as we add the facings and drawstring.
And the back. I elected to topstitch just a single line along the crotch so that the rear would be a little simpler, since I'd rather folks not focus all that much on my rear thank-you-very-much. The next step will be back pockets, but I think I will sit that one out (so to speak). I like the simplicity of the pant sans pockets and as aforementioned, don't really want any more focus on my rear than necessary.

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