Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jalie Eleonore pants, take 2

I knew once I had made and worn my first pair of Eleonore pants that I would need another pair.
They are comfortable to wear and still feel put together, since they have all the typical jeans detailing.
Even a back yoke and pockets big enough for my phone!
My first pair was such a crazy print, I have a hard time wearing them often, so this time I went with a nice, basic red. Red skinnies are so useful! They can be a nice neutral with a print or work well as a pop of color with other neutrals.
The fabric for these is a Dockers brand stretch twill from It's pretty much the ideal fabric for this pattern, as it has enough stretch to go on easily but plenty of recovery so the seat and knees don't bag.
I did the topstiching in an upholstery weight thread in a matching color, as I felt that would give it more options as far as mixing and matching. I like the way it looks in person, but it does get a bit lost in photos.
I'm so glad I jumped on this pattern, With my sewing time being as limited as it has been lately, this is the perfect solution. They take about half the time as a full on pair of jeans, but fill the same wardrobe hole.