Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our first meeting!

We had our first meeting for my new church sewing group last night and it went great! Here we all are. I was so excited at the awesome turnout. There were 11 sewing machines, all going full steam the whole time.
We all dug in and helped each other. Here Emily and Wendy help Rhonda get her pillow cover cut out.
Randi looks a little frustrated here, but her pillow turned out great in the end.
Our own little sweatshop! You can see Beth and her oldest daughter, Bryn grinning in the back! Elisabeth and Starla are hard at work and Emily is toting Sara's youngest.
Look at all the awesome pillows!! Everyone did a great job. I was so proud! I think it went well, and we are getting ready for round 2 in 3 weeks. We'll be starting some simple skirts.

So, what is your favorite, go-to skirt pattern?

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Tamara said...

Looks like tons of fun!