Saturday, August 29, 2009

Project planning:Ren Fest

Now that Logan's Peter Pan costume is done, I'm turning my attention to the two wee pirate lasses in our fair band. Myra and Lily will be all dressed up as the wee pirate maid in the middle, with the red coat, black and white striped skirt and black pirate hat.
Mitch already has a great pirate shirt. Here he is at our first Ren Fest together. He doesn't like these pants, though. They are too hot for Texas in October. And I agree that the look isn't very pirate-y.Mitch wants some pants like this guy, who we saw the last time we went.
I'm not sure he's very pirate-y either, but I do think his pants are cool. It looks like just strips with a waist and knee band, but I haven't found a pattern quite like them. I think the ventilated aspect is what draws Mitch, but he'd still have to wear tights or some other under layer, so I think it'd still be pretty hot. I bought this pattern because I LOVE Captain Jack, but the pant pattern really isn't anything particularly special and I am confident that he won't be wearing a coat. It is just too hot. So, I'm not going to waste my time on one.

What about me? Well, I already have a corset and dress. I don't love them and they aren't very pirate-y either, but they will do.
If I have time, I'd like to make a new corset and a knee length peasant dress (maybe in a stripe like the girl's skirts?) although I'm kind of digging this pattern. We'll just have to see what I have time for...


Varina said...

Hey, I have that pattern too. I bought it just for the coat though. I'm thinking in brocade because velveteen looks cheap and enough velvet to make it would cost a small fortune.
In any case it's for a costume for and 18th century pirate not a Renaissance one. Mitch could go as Sir Francis Drake, he wore slash-y pants.

 Aphie said...

To the contrary, I think the pants are very piratey if he's going to be a 17th Century pirate, rather than a fantasy/18th Century (which I think is what we mostly imagine?)! ;)

I know I've seen heaps of free patterns for custom-fit pumpkin pants/slops around the SCAdian web, too - check for starters? :)