Friday, August 14, 2009


I think that I've mentioned that August is an crazy month in my family. I think that it tends to be a busy month for all, what with summer ending and school starting, but we have 6 birthdays around the month of August, which makes for some serious insanity. I've been sewing like mad for Logan's birthday, and Mitch has a surprise coming today, but my birthday sewing has finally come to a close, so now I can get sewing along! Several of my favorite bloggers are hosting sew a longs this month, and I am so there!At presser foot, August is for Aprons! I am making view D. I already have my apron all cut out and am working on hems and such. It is two different fabrics, since I'm stash busting for this project and didn't have a single length that I liked for this. I am excited about having a full length apron that is actually pretty!
Over at stardustshoes, they are making some sweet drawstring pants. I drafted out my pattern yesterday, but my pants will have to wait until I finish my apron!! I have a nice teal cotton-poly woven for this, but I still need to decide on my accent fabrics for the facings...
And then there is the Chanel jacket sew-along. I am so not ready for this! Besides, where would I wear a Chanel jacket with 2 small kids in Texas?? Even though I'm not sewing along (this time!!) I am following. It is fascinating watching all of these amazing sewists put together their jackets. I am learning so much!!

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DNAgallows said...

I wonder how many apron patterns you can have. I was choosing between this one and two others. I picked another fun retro one, but I think I might have to add some variety. Yours turned out sooo beautiful!