Monday, August 17, 2009

Pants~along: The early years

I'm so excited about joining in on stardustshoes' pants~along! I started a little late, since I wanted to finish my apron first, but I'm getting caught up!Here is my fabric. The teal is a cotton/poly woven with a bit of stretch, which I think will give it a nice fit. I am using this delicate pink eyelet for the linings and facings.

I'm not very good at following directions, and I've already deviated a wee bit. The pattern I am using is Butterick 3460, rather than See & Sew 3886. Butterick was 99 cents this weekend, and I've noticed that you can often find the same designs that you see in the lower price pattern lines in the main collections by the same company. This pattern line drawing is just like the See & Sew and the description is word-for-word identical, so I saved a couple bucks. I should also state here that I have a pants method that I always use, regardless of what the pattern tells me to do. Here is my formula: Pockets and embellishments first, then sew outside leg side seams, inside leg side seams, then crotch seam last with the pants nested right sides together. I like to sew the outer side seams first so that any topstitching I do there can be done with the legs flat so that it is easier and I am less likely to mess up where it really shows.
So, that said, I made my pockets first. Since I was using that delicate eyelet for my lining, I decided to do rounded pockets and to line them as well. Besides, lined pockets means no curved hems. I hate curved hems!
There is the pretty lining.
And here is my right leg - all finished! I love all of this topstitching! I decided to really make mine pop and used a light cream embroidery thread. It is nice and thick, so it really shows up well against the teal. I love it!
Well, I still need to finish the inside left leg. It just needs topstitching, then I will move on to the crotch seam. I am on the fence about embellishment here. I think a faux fly might be cute, but I'm not sure... What do you think?

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