Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Now that Mitch has opened his gifts, I can show you what I have been cooking this last few weeks.
It is really hard to surprise him with something that I have sewn, since he would see it in process or notice that I haven't been sewing, so I made this shirt in tandem with the blue Ottobre shorts. It is a really lovely green linen/cotton blend. I would have gone for pure linen, but the wrinkle factor is an issue, since he wads his clothes into his backpack to ride to work. I hope the cotton is enough to mitigate some of the wrinkling, while still preserving the look and comfort of linen. It sure was nice to sew with, either way.I do think that I am on the way to a TNT for Mitch! This is the vintage McCall's 3439 that I got from Myra. I love the shape of the torso and didn't change that at all, but I did slim down the collar and collar stand to modernize them and took in the shoulders just a smidge for a better fit.There are a few minor details that are still plaguing me, though! One is the collar. Unbuttoned, it looks fine, but when you button it up it looks slightly crooked. It did that even before I altered the collar, so I don't think that the alteration is the problem. I'm not sure what to do... I also am unhappy with the way that the sleeve seam lies when topstitched. It puckers a bit. You can see it in the photo. I think the seam allowance just needs a few snips next time.

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Tamara said...

The shirt looks great! I only see the things bugging you because you pointed them out.