Thursday, April 16, 2009

Butterick 3475

This is my favorite little man shirt pattern. I've made four different ones for Logan, and they have all turned out great! It goes together quickly and easily. Don't let all the complicated-looking bits fool you - that collar really is simple. The pattern directions are excellent and the fit is great on Logan. He loves them all and wears them constantly, so they must be comfortable. The pattern instructs you to double stitch all of the stress-bearing seams, which I think is a great detail in kids clothing. Matching Daddy in linen. Daddy is wearing a Vogue pattern. More on that later.Crazy green animal print. Logan picked out this fabric and it remains his absolute favorite shirt.Blue plaid to match Myra. This was also my first attempt at plaid matching, so I wanted a really simple pattern. This did the trick! There are pockets on both fronts, but you can't even see them, they match so well.
Cars!!! Logan picked this fabric, too. I just made this one, so we'll see if it becomes a new fave. I suspect it will.

The linen one was one of my first projects when I started sewing again after a years long hiatus (Medical School and residency don't leave you with much time for hobbies.), and I think it was a great pattern to get back into the swing of things.

I have also made the shorts (view E). They went together easily, but then, they are just shorts. The pockets turned out really cute as well. Logan is just now getting tall enough that they look like shorts, so we'll see how they wear this summer.

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  1. That shirt is fabulous. I marked down the pattern number. Hope it's available in Canada! My little Logan needs a shirt like that made out of Diego fabric that I found for $3.00 in the remnant bin!

    Fabulous blog! I added it to my RSS! I love reading pattern reviews and seeing what creations sewing moms have come up with.