Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monthly roundup - November '09

November has been a pretty busy month, but I've managed to find some time to sew.

This month I have completed:
1) Two Jalie 2794 "Sweatheart" tops for me
2) New Look 6853, AKA my "Chanel" jacket
3) Stretch jeans from McCalls 5592
4) A twirly skirt and peasant top in a harvest theme for Myra
5) A fleece jacket for Logan
6) Simplicity 4378 scrubs for Mitch
7) Vogue 8323 top for me
8) BWOF 10-2009-127 pleat front skirt for me
9) Butterick 3475 for Logan
10) A few nativity costumes for my church Christmas party

I didn't quite finish my admittedly overly ambitious goals for last month, so there are a few projects that I need to finish up.  I promised Mitch at least one more scrub set.  I have fabric for two, but I want to make some changes to the pattern and get him to give them a test run before I make the second set.  There are also two tops and a pair of pants for Myra and a jacket for me that I want to finish up before I dive into new projects.  December is always a busy month, so I suspect that my sewing time may be limited.  With that in mind, as well as the leftover projects from last month, I'm going to make my goals for this month a little more reachable...
1) Logan needs a few long sleeved shirts.  I like Ottobre 04/2004 # 35.  It is a simple long sleeved tee with a bound neckline and hemmed sleeves.  It should fit the bill nicely.  I'll probably get creative and applique or something to keep me interested.  I have several nice pieces of jersey from Chez Ami that I plan to use.
2) I have wanted to make this skirt from the August issue of Burda for some time.

I'm making it out of khaki-colored twill.  I love the trenchcoat style shape that it has.  I'm not sure what I want to make to go with it.  It is styled with a flowing chiffon cap sleeve blouse in the magazine.  I like that, and I have some really sweet vintage chiffon-like stuff that my mother rescued from some quilters a few months ago, so I'll have to revisit that soon.
3) This month's issue of Burda also has a couple of things I am excited about, but this jacket is really calling to me.  I found this pretty green fabric to make it.

I'm not sure what it is, since it is a Walmart mystery fabric, but it is fuzzy on the wrong side and has a sheen on the right side.  I think it will be perfect for cuddling up in as the mercury drops.
4) And for Myra, I think December is the time to cut into that cute vintage cord my mom found for me.

I'm going to make this sweet little overall from the 03/2004 issue of Ottobre.  I think it will be cute with a tee made from the turquoise jersey.  It's just the same color as the frogs in the print.  I might even use the wrap tee that is pictured here.  We'll see...
5) Lastly, I have some cream ponteroma knit that needs to become an top and leggings for layering under Myra's dresses and tunics.

I think that between last months catching up and the insanity of the holidays that is more than enough to plan to do!


Beangirl said...

Girl, you are crazy busy! Or at least, crazy productive. I can't seem to finish one fleece jacket in four days. I'm JEALOUS! :-)

julia said...

If you ask me, you've accomplished an amazing amount of projects this month. Perhaps you expect too much of yourself. You are one lady who I admire very much. You are an inspiration.

Pippi creates said...

I love these lists of yours. It is so great to recap on what you have done (whilst it may not always have been what you set out to do for the month, it is still an impressive list). ANd you inspire me with the list and pics of what you want to make for the month. Good luck! The skirt looks great! I've never seen that Burda magazine here is Australia before, I'll have to see if I can chase it down. Happy December.

Cindy said...

I'm impressed on all that you've accomplished and plan to accomplish.:) Send some of that ambition my way!