Friday, November 20, 2009

Vogue 8323

This top seriously should NOT have taken me this long!! But when your 15 month old is vomiting every few hours and wants to just lay around (on you) all day it makes for slow sewing. She's fine now, although still a wee bit clingy, so I make no promises about the skirt I just cut out. It'll get done when it does.

So, the top. It is Vogue 8323, view A with the 3/4 sleeves from view B. I made it out of a 100% cotton jersey sheet. The side panels are the same for the three views, which makes interchanging the sleeves a pretty trivial matter. This is a "Very Easy" Vogue, and it was easy, by Vogue's standards, and way cuter than a regular old tee.
The princess seams made for an impeccable fit. Mitch commented that the back looked like a fitted jacket. He was impressed! I did a 1 inch FBA, but no other alterations. I love the length. I hate feeling like I need to tug my shirt down all the time.
The collar comes fairly high on the back of the neck. In a slinkier knit, I think it would just collapse down and drape. I like that the self-facing at the back of the neck is deep enough to allow it to be folded down like a shawl collar. After just trying it on, I'm not sure about the angle of the collar in back, but I'll wear it tomorrow and see how I feel.

ETA (11/22/09) - After wearing it all day Friday, I really had trouble with gapping at the neckline, so I went ahead and took an inch out of the back neck.  That took care of the neckline gapping.

I transferred the change to the pattern piece.  That is the line in blue.  Now the next time I make this top it will be perfect!

I'm working on a skirt to go with it, although I'm confident a black knit top will go with 90% of my wardrobe. The skirt is BWOF 10/2009-127. I admit, I had planned to make this skirt before I made the top, but I sort of chickened out. I haven't yet had an unequivocal success with BWOF yet. I really love this skirt, and I want it to go well! Once I get the skirt together I'll get Mitch to take some pictures of it with the top.


  1. 1) that is so CUTE! I passed right over this pattern last week and now I'm sorry I didn't pay attention. A princess-seamed t-shirt seems like such a great thing (especially now I see your great version).

    2) I have been eyeing that BWOF skirt for a while... it appeals to me since I'm in a classic-bias-cut-plaid mood this fall-- but I'm curious what you think about that topstitched "V" pointing straight at, as Abby says, "your parts". I wasn't totally sure about that, and I will be very curious to see what you think after you get it finished.

    Er... which isn't to in any way discourage you from working on it because all in all it's a very cute skirt!

  2. LOL at the arrow pointing up to the parts!! I totally didn't even think if that!! Maybe I'll point mine down...

  3. Wow! That is super nice! It would look really good in a slinky knit I bet. Maybe I'll have to give it a shot when I'm in the mindset to struggle with slippery fabric.

    Great job!

  4. That top is really, really cute. I like the collar on it.
    I really want to make that same Burda skirt. I just haven't gotten the fabric yet. I have that purple houndstooth, but I think that would end up being too purple. I may end up just making it with it anyway, though!
    Don't be scared of Burda! I LOVE the patterns. BWOF and Jalie are my favorites! So far, they are the only patterns that have really fit me. I actually like the directions in BWOF, but I believe I am in the minority by saying that.

  5. That's a fine looking top. You should enjoy wearing it.

    Hope your little one is feelng better. Poor baby.

    OK, I just gotta' ask. Do doctors watch shows like Grays Anatomy, and if so, do they think it's ridiculous?

  6. Thanks everyone

    Gwen-I actually don't watch much TV, and I've never actually seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy, although the commercials turn me off. I usually get so frustrated with medical dramas that I can't watch them. They are always so medically inaccurate!! I like medical comedy, though. Find me an old episode of MASH or Scrubs and I'm a happy girl!