Monday, December 7, 2009

Ottobre 04/2004-3

Now that the temperature has dropped for real around here, it is time for some serious winter sewing.  I love fleece.  It is fun and easy to sew and just so cuddly!

Here is the tunic to match Myra's red pants.  Overall this is a simple pattern.  The pockets were a bit tricky, but only because they are round and I was silly and decided to line them with silky fabric.  They're nice inside.  The worst part was that dang binding.  I think this was mostly my fault, too.  Sort of.  The pattern calls for ribbing, but I couldn't find any red ribbing anywhere!  I couldn't even find cotton interlock in the right shade of red.  So I ended up using a poly interlock that was slick and wouldn't stay put.  It made for a difficult binding to press and sew.  Despite hand basting, it slipped all over the place.  It took 4 attempts and it still isn't on right.  I just gave up on it!

I still think it is pretty darn adorable on Myra.  I love those little gathered sleeves!  The collar is really great.  Since it is two layers of fleece it is nice and puffy so it keeps her wee neck warm.

Here's a view where you can see the pants with the applique.  When she stands up, it just peeks out under the hemline.


Kathi said...

That is just the cutest outfit!! She looks adorable in it! I am sure it is lots of fun to sew for a little girl!!
I believe she will stay nice and cozy in her new outfit!
You should make a shirt to match so you can have a Mommy and Me outfit!

gwensews said...

What an adorable outfit. I used to sew for my (then) little girl. Her teachers in school always commented on her outfits because they were unique. BTW, when she grows up, she'll still want her mommie to sew for her. Mine does!

wendy said...

Awww :) That looks adorably cozy!

Lina said...

I like that outfit, but your little angel is overwhelming and adorable in every outfit.So cute!

kbenco said...

That is so sweet. I love it that as she grows she will show more flowers on her pants, so clever!