Saturday, November 7, 2009

McCall's 5592

We had such a great time on our hot date (Thanks to all for your well wishes!). And I had a smokin' new outfit! Well, mostly new. The cute rose printed blouse was stolen from my mother's closet when I was a teen. Thanks, Mom! She did make it though, so the entire outfit is handmade.Today's post is dedicated to my first attempt at jeans. And here they are! I started with a nice full straight leg, so there wouldn't be as much to fit in the rear and I could focus on the waist/hip area - always a problem in RTW jeans. Seriously, is there anyone who doesn't get rear waist gaposis??
Here is the front. The fit through the torso is great. They are quite high waisted, which isn't a really great look for me, since I am short waisted.
Side. Hmm. That belly isn't as flat as it used to be...
Rear - No gaposis!! I had to pinch a full inch (so 2 inches total) from the center back to make these fit, but they do!
The fly shield and pocket facings are a fun pink print. I did the topstitching a little differently than called for on the pattern to give them a more RTW look. I also did the waistband and belt loops slightly differently. The pattern called for the belt loops to be sandwiched between the waistband and facing at the top, then for the waistband facing to be slipstitched down on the inside. My RTW jeans have a topstitched waistband with the belt loops bartacked on after, so that is what I did.
For my first test drive of this look, Mitch took me to the coolest restaurant! We went to the Dead Fish Grill on Lake Belton. We watched the sun set over the lake, had wonderful seafood and then stayed for live music on the patio. It was amazing!! If you are ever here in my neck of the woods, we'll meet you there!


  1. Well aren't those just the cutest? Really nice jeans (and I totally agree about not sandwiching belt loops, I don't get why patterns always call for that since it doesn't look RTW). Even I have back-waist-gaposis, and I'm basically an apple these days. You'd think if 99% of the population has that, they'd at least take in a half inch on all the jeans.

    Luckily, you can make totally rockin' jeans all on your own!

  2. Those jeans are terrific! I really like the cut. I have that pattern. You have no belly! Totally cute outfit.

  3. I am totally impressed - YOU MADE JEANS!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the Jalie jeans pattern, but I haven't had time to tackle it yet. We have the birthday party for my oldest tomorrow, so maybe after that I can think about making jeans. Up until now I have only focused on quick and easy projects!! I have a knit dress I want to make also.
    Your whole outfit looks AMAZING!! Glad you had a good time!

  4. Awesome! Wow... that whole outfit is just gorgeous :)

  5. Those jeans are incredibly smart and well fitting. Your outfit looks terrific. RTW just could not compete.

  6. Great outfit all round! I've never attempted jeans either, they do seem a bit beyond me. Yours look great tho, and I love the finishing touches with the pink lining. How nice to have a special night out, and to have and entirely handmade outfit! By the way, what does RTW mean?