Friday, December 4, 2009

Simplicity 2526

I was all set to work on Mitch's scrubs - pattern altered, cut out, ready!  I just had to thread the machine.  I have 11 spools of blue thread.  None of them were the RIGHT blue.  So I decided to work on a pair of elastic waist pants for Myra.  I love instant gratification.

This are the bottom half of a set.  The tunic will be made of the fleece from which I made the flower applique.  It is cut out, but I'll make Mitch's scrubs first, now that I have just the right shade of blue thread.

Here is the applique.  I cut out a couple of the flower motifs from the tunic fabric.  Since it is fleece, and I don't have to finish the edges, I decided to stitch around the center and down the middle of each petal, for a more dimensional look.  I like the way that it turned out.

I think Myra does, too!

I actually bought this pattern for the freaking adorable coats, which I will certainly get around to making.  The pant pattern was a nice bonus!  It is actually a quite nice pattern, with plenty of diaper room and nice shaping.  It's a bit long on Myra, but I think she inherited her Daddy's short legs.  It has just a bit of a flare at the hem, which is nice, but I probably won't use it for Logan, since it does have a slightly girlie look.


Beth said...

Funny about the blue thread.

Love the applique!

gwensews said...

Myra is a very well-dressed young lady. The coat pattern is adorable. I'll be looking forward to seeing your version.

Sarahbelle said...

The little belly hanging over the waistband is a nice touch. It points to nice work you did on the appliques. What a considerate model you have!!

Kathi said...

The pants are so cute!! Kids grow so fast - in a month or so those long pants legs will be too short!

Sam Rose said...

How funny. I was just looking to go buy this pattern and was looking for images in google and your blog came up. -Jess