Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BWOF 10/2009-127

The skirt is done!!  Here is what Burda says about this style, "A lady of rank is well-dressed in this flared, below-calf skirt. An inverted box pleat and wool herringbone fabric with crosswise stretch furnish plenty room for romping with the heirs."  I love that description!
And I am excited to say, it went together easily and without a hitch, and it fits perfectly with no adjustments.  An unequivocal success!  Bring on the Burda!! I wish I had a slightly better photo of the front!  You can't see the inverted pleat.  I think I am a bit obsessed with inverted pleats at the moment.

Here is the side and back.

I made it out of a soft wool houndstooth that I found at Hancock's.  In the past, I've not found a lot of apparel fabrics there that I love, but this one is quite nice.

One thing that I love about Burda is that they don't skimp.  This skirt is beautifully constructed and fully lined.

I love that the lining has side slits to allow for the movement that the front pleat gives the skirt.

The only thing that I changed was to eliminate the front fly and button and to put in a back invisible zipper.  I LOVE invisible zippers!!!

This is only the second one I've done, but it is awesome!  It did take take two attempts, but only because I was a perfectionist about matching the houndstooth.

I'm ready to romp!!

While I had a semi-cooperative photographer, I also got a picture of the Vogue tee as well.  I think it will look very nice with this skirt, but I think I need a nice pair of boots to complete the look...


  1. It all came out great. You are so quick!

  2. "Romping with the heirs"?
    Is that in the parenting job description? So funny. Your skirt looks great . . . I will see it Sunday, right? I'd love to try an invisible zipper, too.

  3. Your skirt looks awesome!! I need to decide upon fabric and get cracking on mine. The shirt you made is perfect with it. I also like your idea of doing the invisible zipper in the back. I LOVE invisible zippers. They are so easy to install and look so nice!!
    Have fun wearing the skirt!
    Oh, the picture of you with your little one is so cute!

  4. Awesome invisible zipper! I love it - you are killing it with your sewing - Great skirt and perfect fit!

  5. Man, you ARE fast! That skirt looks great and now I'm very curious to know about the topstitching pointing to "your parts". I can't see it all in the photos, which I think is a good sign!

  6. Yep--that does like like the perfect skirt to romp with your heirs in! Have fund doing that! But oh yes--definitely it wants a pair of gorgeous boots to romp with also!

  7. Gosh, I LOVE that skirt! It reminds me of the passage in India Knight's Thrift Book (I had a book delivery this week, hmm) where she talks about neutral tones and natural fabrics being one of the ways to "look rich". XD

    I love seeing your confidence growing in editing these sewing projects, too - do you realise how far you've come even since I've been reading your blog? It's amazing, well done you!

    (PS. You totally inspired me, I went and bought Butterick 4790, and plan to make my own breastfeeding-friendly version. Merci!)