Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ottobre 03/2004-4

Thanks to my sainted friend Randi, I was finally able to sit in front of the sewing machine today. She took my kids for the morning. How great is that?!?

All this little jacket needed was the zipper. It's been waiting all week! It is a really basic sweatshirt style jacket made out of the softest, snuggliest fleece ever. I wish you could feel this stuff. I think they secretly skinned teddy bears. The original Ottobre design had some piping and other fancy details. I didn't do that, but I did add a couple of appliques.The front has a little robo-dog patch.
And on the back a circle of gears and robots. Logan has a mild obsession with gears lately. Must be a boy thing...
This is my first separating zipper and I am really proud of how well it lined up, which is why you are looking at this overexposed picture. It was a huge pain to shorten! I now have pliers in my sewing room.

Now if only I could get Logan to actually wear it! In his defense, it was in the high 70s today. Maybe he'll get to wear it next month.


  1. How cute!! I am sure he will love it once it is cooler!!

  2. I'm very impressed by your separating zipper insertion. I have a real problem with zippers (I suspect I'm just not patient enough to do it right).

    And don't worry, you're smart to have the cool-weather things made ahead of time. I always wait and wait because "I know it's November, but it's still 85 degrees out" and then all of the sudden two days later it's 55. You'll be so glad to have that warm little jacket in three weeks! :-)

  3. Congratulations on two levels, one being actually able to sew for a while, and also the application of a seperating zipper! Great job.