Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My first (sort of) FO!

I bet you thought I'd given up on that knitting thing!  No way! I have been practicing.  I haven't finished anything that might be considered a real project, but I did bind off some practice knitting, so it is a complete work.  My first one!

I started off practicing knitting for about 50 rows, then purled about the same.  After that I tried stockinette stitch for a while, then some stripes.  At the end I got really crazy and did a few rows in seed stitch before I decided it was time to learn to bind off.  This is so darn fun!!!  My friend Beth got me started, which was good because I don't think I'd have been able to figure it out myself with just book diagrams, but now that I have done it a bit, the diagrams are sometimes making a bit of sense.  My friend Britta recommended the book Knitting for Dummies.  I initially just checked it out of the library, but I liked it so much that I bought it for myself.  It sits on my lap as I knit.
I did make quite a few errors, naturally.  For some reason, every time I changed stitches I would put in a few unintentional yarn overs.

In fact, while I have never yo'd on purpose, you can see that there they are!

I really enjoyed doing the seed stitch.  It is so pretty.  Can you spot my yarn over?

I have really had a lot of fun with this so far.  I'm looking forward to my first real project.  Beth is going to show me how to make a dishcloth.  My sister also sent me the cutest pattern for a really simple cape that I am definitely going to knit for Myra.  It'll probably be for next winter though!!

At least Myra likes my first "project".  She spent all afternoon wrapping it around herself and sitting on it.  She even took it with her when she napped.  Maybe I made her a blankie without knowing it!


Beth said...

Seed stitch! Now you can teach me a thing about that, I've wanted to learn it.

gwensews said...

You'll probably find that the more you knit the more you WANT to knit. Like sewing. If you find yourself a nice yarn shop you'll be even happier!

Beangirl said...

The cool thing about knitting is that it's perfect to stash in a little bag to take to wait-arounds, like soccer practice or doctor appointments. You'll really appreciate having this type of project on hand in a few years when the kiddos are older and busy with activities that you have to attend but aren't actually participating in.

Seed stitch is way cool and a great filler texture for sweaters. You'll probably like moss stitch too.

julia said...

What a great job for your first!!! I've been playing with my crochet needles and yarn lately, but I don't know what I'm doing. I made a little hat that might fit a doll, but I couldn't do it again. Your little one looks very happy.

Kathi said...

You did such a nice job! I am glad Myra is so happy with her new unintentional blankie!! Mom wants to teach me to knit again. I have thought it would be nice to be able to take it with me, as one of the posters mentioned above.