Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jalie 2794

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! I had fun and managed to get some serious sewing done between trick or treaters. I have loved all of the great Jalie tops that Kathi has been making, so I ordered this pattern several weeks ago, and have finally gotten around to making it up. Twice!!This is version one. I decided (foolishly!) to just make it up with no adjustments. It is pretty low cut, as had been noted by many reviewers on PR, and I agree! I could also use an FBA here, although since it is a knit I can get away with it - sort of. I think it leans a little on the trashy side, but still wearable.Here it is from the back. Perfect fit here!Here is version two, after raising the neckline 5/8 of an inch and doing my usual 1 1/4 inch FBA. I still need to hem it, but I like the fit much better.Still a good fit in the back.

I'm VERY happy with this pattern. It was fun and quick to make. Jalie includes instructions for seaming knits without a serger. You zigzag the edge prior to sewing the seam. I went for it and I really like the way it turned out. I did feel a little strange finishing my seams before sewing them, but it worked. The pattern goes all the way from a size 2T up to a 22 (50 inch bust), so don't be surprised if you see a mini me version for Myra soon!


  1. Super cute- this pattern is going on my list!!

  2. Careful, you will soon be buying more Jalie patterns and as obsessed as I!! My oldest had some strange malady (possibly Halloween overkill?) and I had to stay home from school today with him. I made TWO more while home!! I just need to hem the sleeves and bottoms. I REALLY want a coverstitch machine now that I have this new Jalie obsession! I just love the way the shirts fit and their length! I have such a hard time finding knit shirts that will stay down over my pants due to my length/height, and I really just not all that unusually tall!
    I happened to land on the Jalie blog yesterday and she posted that her NEW collection is coming out soon. I sure hope I don't like anything in it!
    Okay, I have rambled quite enough in this comment. I sound like I should work for Jalie. Now, THAT's an idea!!! If only!!

  3. Oh, thanks for the mention and link!