Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ducky Shirt

Here is my next to last birthday project. This is the top to match his Ducky Jammies. I used New Look 6641, but straightened out the side seams, since they form an A-line shape. Unisex pattern, my foot! This tee is actually repurposed from a XXL tee shirt that I bought at a yard sale for a quarter. I cut it out utilizing the old hems, so I didn't have to do any hemming and kept the old coverstitching. I also reused the ribbing from the neckband. Not bad, hey? There was enough material in the shirt to also cut out some shorts, so you'll see those soon. They're on Janome now.
I added a little ducky applique so that the jammies would match. I don't think it is too girlie, and I think Logan will like it.


  1. Brilliant idea! My mom gave me some old t-shirts when I was in WY and I thought I would use them to practice on Serge, and never thought of using the existing seams.

    Butterick on sale today, see you there?

  2. Cute set. Another idea for fast applique is to use the fusing, pink the edges of the applique and straight stitch aound it. Maybe it would be better for Myra, though, 'cause it can look girly.

  3. Beth - I'll be leaving soon... They open at 9:30.

    Myra - I LOVE the idea of pinking the edges!! I hadn't thought of that...

  4. Cute applique! Definitely not too girly.