Friday, August 28, 2009

Butterick 4632

As August (and birthday season!) comes to a close, my sewing room turns to thoughts of October. Here in Texas, that means both Halloween and the Texas Renaissance Festival! This year we are planning to attend the Pirate Adventure weekend with some friends of ours. We always like to dress up, so I am getting started on some costumes. The first is for Logan. He is dressing as Peter Pan. His best friend, Anna is going to be Wendy. Or Tinkerbell. She's still undecided...
The tunic is Butterick 4632 and the leggings are Ottobre 04/2004, #38. The leggings went together without a fuss. Yay, Ottobre!
I have to say, this tunic was MUCH more complicated than it should have been! The neckline/collar is all in one piece with the front, then faced with a two piece facing. There are CB and CF seams as well, but the pattern instructs you to construct the tunic, then add the facing, matching it fussily at the point of the front opening. I think that should I ever need another Peter Pan tunic, I will construct the two sides, including the facings, then seam them as a whole at CF and CB.

At least it is cute! But now what to do about a belt? Buy or make? I'm on the fence.

There is much more fun Pirate themed sewing coming. I think there'll be a project planning post in my future...


  1. Wow, that shirt is very, very green.
    Logan will look so cute.

  2. this peter pan outfit is awesome! We started thinking about Halloween costume at last (now that we have a kiddo) and wish I have skill like you to sew that amazingly and effortlessly...