Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Roundup - February 2010

February was supposed to be all about sewing for Easter, but I developed the worst case of sewing ADD ever, and ended up making random knit tops, fleece pants, skirts, and um, mittens.  Not exactly Easter gear, but I had a ton of fun!  And that's really what it's all about...  So, on to the stats.

Completed projects:
1) Simplicity 2733 top for me
2) Ottobre 01/2009-21 "Teku" pants in fleece for Logan
3) Jalie 2787 top for me
4) Ottobre 01/2009-21 Valentine "Teku" pants for Logan
5) Valentine twirly skirt for Myra
6) Butterick 5335 raglan top for me
7) New Look 6816 top for me
8) McCall's 3830 pencil skirt for me
9) Kitschy Coo mittens for Myra
10) New Look 6575 dress for Myra
11) McCall's 6024 dress for me
12) Kwik Sew 3299 tee for Mitch
13) Jalie 2805 turtleneck for me

That totals up to 13 garments - 6 tops, 2 pants, 2 skirts, 2 dresses and a pair of mittens.  7 of those were for me, 1 for Mitch, 2 for Logan and 3 for Myra.

New skills I worked on:
1) Altering wrap tops for a full bust - still perfecting this one!
2) Lining a skirt
3) Attaching a sleeve lining by hand

Toward my other goals, I did much better sewing from my stash/collection (The jury is still out for me on this semantic question.)  Out of 17 1/4 yards sewn, 12 3/4 were from the stash!  I also managed to pick up a few more yards, so I'm still at a positive balance.  Hmm, not really the plan, but I'm getting better!  I still haven't sewn from burda style this year, but there are two tops in the February mag that are really calling to me.  Soon...  I sewed a few outfits, both for the small fry (well, half me and half mom, but still outfits!) and some tops that go with everything.  I've also started a little spreadsheet to help me keep better track of what I'm sewing, for whom and how much fabric I'm using.  Hopefully that will help me to be more organized.  We'll see.

For March, I still have Logan's Easter gear to finish, then I want to really get into some Spring sewing.  I'm also participating in two sew-alongs this month - one with Amanda at Kitschy Coo.  We are sewing a skirt from the book Design-It-Yourself Clothes.  I have two different designs in my head right now, so we'll have to see which one gets realized.  Maybe both!  The other is over at Presser Foot, where I will be doing more patternless sewing making a self-drafted tunic top.  So fun to stretch myself by sewing without patterns! Come and join us, won't you?  All the cool kids are doing it!

I've been in a bit of a frenzy, planning wise.  I've had so many projects that I want to make that I just want to get them all down.  So, this list of "goals" is really just my brainstorming and is extremely subject to change.  Also, there is no way I could ever get all of this done in one month, so we'll call this my March through like June plans...
In no particular order...
1) You've seen this fabric before here.  I'm planning to make Simplicity 2764.  I think it will be a good first dip into tailoring.  Since it doesn't have a collar with revers, there's no padstitching to do.  The sleeves are raglan, so I plan to add a sleeve stay. The pattern doesn't include a lining, so I'll draft one.  Fun, eh?
2) After making my black pencil skirt, I realized that my wardrobe has another gaping hole.  I don't have a basic white shirt!  I haven't decided which of these patterns it will be.  Maybe both!
3) Myra is starting to outgrow all of her hand me down jammies from Logan.  Time for some girlie ones of her own!  I'm planning to make the view on the model and see how she likes it.  She's always worn footie PJs before, but they are slippery when she runs and I think she'd be happier with these.
4) I am in desperate need of another pair of jeans.  I have pretty much tossed all of my RTW jeans, since the ones I've made fit so much better.  So, that means I only have two pairs of wearable jeans.  A problem.  I love my Jalie jeans, but this pattern is for non-stretch denim (which this is) so I think I'll give it a go, but I suspect I'll be using my Jalie instructions.  They're so good.
5) This adorable pattern that my friend gave me has been screaming to be made up.  When this fabric arrived from one of my aunts - well, it was clearly destiny.  How perfect is that cute print for that cute dress??  Has. To. Happen.
7) Another vintage yummy is this pattern from Myra at LadybugDuds.  This cotton lawn jumped into my cart at Hancock and begged to be made into a 70's maxi dress.  What's a sewist to do?
8) As burda says, "Oh la la!"  I wanted to make this set when the magazine came out in November, but didn't have stretch chiffon, and wasn't sure where to find it.  I got this when Buttons and Bolts was going out of business.  It was not labelled as stretch, but I was happy that it is!  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It looks like smoke.
9) And yes, another burda magazine pattern!!  This one is from the February 2010 issue and I am dying to make it!  I can't decide whether I want to use the lilac cotton/lycra jersey or the teal rayon jersey.  I love the color of the teal, but it has a LOT of drape, which I think wouldn't be as great in this style.  The color of the lilac is nice, but less exciting.  It is a firmer knit, which I think would be a better choice.
10)  This awesome fabric is one of the pieces that I have from Gorgeous Fabrics.  As you can see, there is an interesting repeat to the print.  Kathi made it into this cool Jalie Sweetheart top.  This is most of the length of this one yard piece, so you can see my challenge in finding a simple enough design to be able to match that dominant stripe.  I have a pattern for a snug fit kimono sleeve tee that I copied from a Shade top that I like.  I've used it several times, and I think it will work well for this.

That looks like enough for the moment, eh?


  1. My goodness, lady, when are you going to eat and breath?

  2. Yowza! That's awesome Katie! I should plan my sewing too since it's usually all over the place. I'm also terribly disorganized... That could be another reason.

  3. "That looks like enough for the moment, eh?"

    LOL - are you sure? That's it? Can't sneak another little something in? Too fun. Good to see you have plans.

    - Myrna

  4. Goodness, you do keep busy! Loving all your upcoming planned projects. I wish there was a Hancock near me because how adorable is that cotton lawn? Although given the size of my stash I suppose it's a lucky thing that all the fabric at Joann is overpriced polyester crap and there is no Hancock's in my area!

  5. Wow, what's your secret to prolific sewing? I wonder if I spend too much time eating and sleeping...

  6. Once again I'm in awe of what you've accomplished and your to-do list!

  7. Wow. I can't believe how much you get done in a month. You're amazing!

  8. Don't know how you find the time or the energy for that matter but you sure are productive! Love the coat choice, perfect for that houndstooth. I have made those Palmer/pletsch jeans before - they have 1 inch "just in case" side seams - and I found I needed them for the inseams - the crotch length is quite short otherwise. These jeans are designed for minimal ease so choose your size carefully - they are not as big as you'd expect from a McCalls. Good luck and have fun!

    (actually, you'll notice there is a stretch bar on the back of the jeans pattern - you can use denim with a small amount of stretch - maybe 1% elastine or lycra.)

  9. Good deal on cranking out the projects! I can't wait to see the next one's....

  10. I am totally in awe of your energy and creativity! I really love the cotton lawn fabric you purchased - it's going to be wonderful made up in that gorgeous 70's vintage pattern.

  11. When do you sleep? I like the Jalie criss cross top and the Easter dress you made for your daughter the best... Also, that cotton lawn for the maxi dress is really pretty - can't wait to see it made up! Have fun!!!

  12. I hate you.

    No, no, not really. But I wish I had that much time or energy. I like the looks of every single one of these projects. I wish I could just complete the one skirt I set out to make... uh... three weeks ago.

  13. Wow, you have quite an ambitious set of goals!!! You are so good at looking at your stash and figuring out what you are going to make. I am much more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" type girl! I was digging through my fabric this evening and pulled out a piece that will be perfect with a pattern I recently bought. I never would have thought about it, though!

  14. Wow, you are a busy lady!
    I have made quite a few of the cami sets, in different sizes, and found that they were too big when I made them with stretch fabric, but just perfect in woven. I am interested to see them in stretch chiffon. I could not find any here, it looks like pretty fabric.

  15. I can't believe you have all that time to sew! I'm so jealous!! Congratulations on your projects!

  16. I'm so impressed with your productivity! You have some really cool projects lined up. :)