Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kwik Sew 3299 - Star Wars style

Tomorrow is the last day of the "Made Maids" Dana and Rae's "Celebrate the Boy" month.  I sew a lot for my little boy, so today I decided to celebrate my big boy.
And how better to celebrate than with a Darth Vader head on a tee shirt!?  I was in luck because Kwik Sew patterns are actually on sale at Hancock for the first time EVER.  We've had such good luck with KS for Mitch, that I decided to get him a basic tee pattern, as the couple of men's tee patterns that I have aren't terribly great.  This one is awesome!  The fit is pretty much perfect and the style is just right.  Of course, it has the usual fabulous KS directions, although I don't really need them for a basic tee.
Here is Lord Vader, up close and personal.  I think he looks a little cross eyed, but what's a girl to do?  Mitch likes him.  I used a freezer paper stencil technique to add Vader to the shirt.  It is based on this post by Dana at MADE.

For any who were wondering what my sweetheart was doing in Salt Lake, he was interviewing for a Fellowship (in Pulmonology and Critical Care) there at U of U.  He had a great time and was very impressed with the Fellowship and the hospitals there.  Of course, the mountains were the crowning glory!  There is a chance that we will end up there, but we won't know until June, and there are a few other programs that we have to check out first.  I'll keep you posted!


  1. I bought a Kwik Sew pattern on President's day! Too bad I didn't wait.

  2. Cool t-shirt! Mitch looks very imposing as Darth.

  3. Fantastic!! I hope you do get to move west - you'll have so many more options to sew when you don't have to consider the heat:) Plus, everyone I know in Salt Lake love it there!

  4. Oh wow, two of my boys are currently OBSESSED with Star Wars and the Clone Wars. They would LOVE that shirt!!!!
    Are you telling me that you have made this shirt since going to the store this morning??????

  5. That is really cool! My son has just discovered Star Wars and begun his obsession with it so I'm probably going to totally rip off YOUR idea! LOL! Best wishes for the hubby's job.