Monday, February 8, 2010

Stash question and Ottobre 01/2009-21 Valentine "Teku"

What a fun response to my last post about stashing!  Or rather, collecting.  Thanks for the reminder,  Carolyn!!  You guys are awesome.  I'm glad to see that I am in such good company  :-)  I did want to get some feedback for Sister's question about buying for your collection.  Here is what she said -
"I'm a back-of-the-envelope person - I didn't even know what "stash" meant! And my burning question for you stashers is how do you know how much to buy? I used to sit in the store and flip through catalogs, then walk around with the envelope getting supplies. But now I see that's not satisfactory when the craving hits and I can't get to the store. On my way to stashing!"
So, all you stashers and collectors - How do you know how much to buy?  For me, I know that generally a simple knit top takes about a yard, a skirt a little more and pants generally 2.  I often end up either overbuying, or with not quite enough because I've decided that the fabric that I thought I wanted to make a blouse out of suddenly screamed dress to me.  That's when we get creative with layouts...  I've seen a cool set of cards that help you decide how much to buy based on your size and the general style of garment you think you will make from the fabric, but I've never used them.  You can check them out here.

And in other news - Logan's Valentine pants are all done!
They look a little pink in this picture, but I assure you, they are a vivid, true red.  Mitch would have a bit of trouble with pink on his manly boy...  I like all the crazy pockets,
and as an added bonus, they are the perfect size for a Matchbox garage.  Sweet, eh?

Next up is the matching skirt for Myra.  I'm using the twirler skirt pattern that I drafted for her, but adding the cute heart shaped pockets from Ottobre 01/2009-19 - the Herrta skirt.  It's gonna be cute!


  1. Great trousers, perfect for a little boy!

    About the stash (that I'm trying not to build anymore, but still, sometimes you see fabric that you just can't resist. I guess everyone who loves sewing and fabric knows that feeling), I too have in my head an idea about how much I need for each garment. So when I find fabric perfect for a top I know I have to buy 1 metre, for a dress 2 (or, if it has a wide skirt) 3 or even 4 metres, for the children I sometimes have enough when I buy a half metre, etc.

  2. It's funny that you talk about how a piece of fabric might have been meant for a shirt but becomes a dress... I remember reading in Dressaday once that she buys at minimum 3 yards of fabric and then adds another yard for healthy measure because if that (shirt to dress dream) happens, you don't want to be short fabric! I don't do that, but instead I try to think about what I'd need the fabric for and buy what I think I'd need. It's easy to do this with basics, like denim and corduroy for pants, I'll by multiples of 1.5 yards of 60" fabric so I'll have it around.

  3. I love the pants! The white topstitching really makes the pockets stand out.

  4. I always buy at least 2 yards or more of fabric when I don't know what I'm going to do with it. Cute pants!!!

  5. Unless I'm feeling extra frugal, I just buy three yards of whatever I like (assuming it's a 60" bolt). I figure I can use any extra for the kids' clothes (which I do). They're getting to be of a size where they can't use up bitty scraps, but I can still get a skirt or a t-shirt for them out of a little more than a half yard. Three yards will get me just about any garment I can imagine for myself.

  6. Adorable pants! My son would have a car in every pocket and stay busy all day... hmmm, gives me an idea! Thanks!

  7. Those pants are so cute, especially with the car sticking out! I constantly find GI Joe or Star Wars figures, dinosaurs, rocks, acorns, or other items little boys find interesting in pockets!
    The stash question - I often buy two yards. For me, most knit tops take just over 1 yard to get the sleeves and such. Some places won't sell by the half yard, so I have gotten in the habit of ordering two yards. I can make sleeveless shirts this summer! The only time I buy more than two yards is when there is a pattern to be matched, then I will get 2 1/2 yards.
    I have seen those cards and think they look pretty nifty!
    I haven't sewn many dresses now that I have grown better with my skills and fitting, so I am not sure about the yardage for those. I guess I think of dresses more in the summer also. I have to do so much altering to dresses to get the lengths right, what a bother.

  8. Gorgeous pants, love the pockets. Buying for the stash is hard. For me it generally depends if the fabric is discounted or not (cheap = I buy lots, not cheap = only buy a little). Then when it comes to sewing (often many years down the track...) it can require some creativity: I have added a corner of contracting fabric to make up a bias skirt, and on on top, I added sleeves from the elbows down in matching fabric. Its all part of the fun really

  9. I buy between 3 and 5 yards of anything. I figure, I could have worse habits! I could be sitting in a bar, or tossing my money down a slot machine.

    Your little boy's pants are great! Won't he have fun putting his important things in his pockets! You'll have to empty those puppies each time they go in the wash!

  10. I love it - "I'll pass on that margarita, babe. The interlock knit is on sale at Hancock! Thank you all so much for the tips. I had a craving Sunday & had fabric but no pattern! I felt like an alcoholic in Joann - "you don't carry Kwik Sew? But I gotta have it!". The pants are fabulous - when do you have the time?!

  11. love this pant pattern and your TS looks fabulous!!!
    You have inspired me to get out my Ottobres and actually USE them!!!