Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monthly roundup - October '09

October was a pretty busy month for me, but I still managed to finish quite a few things. Of course, the biggest thing was that the wedding dress came together.

I also managed to complete:
1) Simplicity 3775 for me to wear to the wedding
2) Ottobre 04/04-15 twice! Once in linen and once in cotton pique.
3) Simplicity 5695 for Myra's flower girl dress
4) Butterick 4461 at my sewing group
5) Ottobre 04/04-14 in Logan's choice of fabric
6) Butterick 4222 also in Logan's choice
7) BWOF 08/09-114 to go with the Butterick skirt
8) Scrubs from New Look 6857 and a copy of RTW

There were a few things in my October plan that I didn't get to, so they are first on the list for November. I plan to finish my Chanel jacket (New Look 6853), hopefully by the Nov 15th deadline for the SAL. I've made good progress! Since that is such a time intensive project, I will probably take a few breaks to work on other things we need. I am also still planning to make some jeans from McCalls 5592. The cold is creeping up on us, and of course, the kids need cold weather gear!
1. First up will be a black fleece jacket for Logan. I am planning to use Ottobre 03/04-12 for this. I know they designed it for girls, but I think it is simple enough that in black it will be boyish, although I may slim down that collar. It is a bit wide.
2. Then some fleece for Myra. I am planning to make Ottobre 04/04-3 out of this red/purple/pink floral fleece and a pair of basic elastic waist pants out of the red cord to go with. Maybe I'll use a flower from the fleece for an applique on the pants to pull it together.
3. I've been dying to make this skirt ever since I got the October issue of BWOF. Don't you think it will be great in this houndstooth suiting! I'm thinking I'll make a black tee from Vogue 8323 to go with it. I like the wrap neckline, but with the 3/4 sleeves.
4. Then back to Myra with a long sleeve wrap tee from Ottobre 03/04-9. I also think the overalls from the same issue are adorable, so I may make those in the vintage cord my mother gave me.
5. I also am hoping to get to this cute jacket pattern that has been hanging out since last winter. Won't it be fun in pink fleece?6. Mitch needs another set of scrubs, since I still have some tweaking to do to get them right. We are going to give Simplicity 4378 a try, since it has the set-in sleeve that he wants. The pant pattern is pretty good, too. He loves that blue poplin, so I'll be ordering some more!

OK, that is pretty ambitious! Let's see how much of it I actually get done!!


Myra said...

Have fun doing it! You can get it done.

Kathi said...

I want to make that same skirt from Burda!!!! I bought some purple herringbone the other day that I am considering for it, but I am worried it might be a little TOO purple in that skirt for my taste!! (I might like it better in a shorter skirt.) I need to stand in front of a mirror with it and decide!