Thursday, October 1, 2009

Simplicity 3775

Finished! I'm so excited about this dress! I am planning to wear it to Dan and Kali's wedding, so I'm really glad it was a quick sew.Here is the front view. I think the fit is pretty great, but then, it is a knit. I did a 3/4 inch FBA, but otherwise sewed a straight size 12.
From the side there are some back wrinkles in the midriff section. Is that from my weird half turn?
From the back it looks OK, but maybe I should have shortened the back midriff section a smidge. I'm so short waisted!

What I am really excited about with this dress is on the inside... It is fully lined! My first fully lined garment. I'm very happy!
I used the bagging technique usually used for tailored jackets to do the sleeves. Worked like a charm.
I cut the sleeve lining a little shorter so that there would be a bit to turn under.
The lining joins at the waist, where I catchstitched the midriff lining to the skirt, but otherwise it is all sewn by machine.
Finished with a twin needle hem. I used a poly sheen thread that blended well with the jacquard in this fabric.

Now I just need some red shoes. I know Clinton and Stacy say it's OK to wear white after Labor Day, but I'm too well indoctrinated.


  1. Very impressive! The dress is lovely ... you've got a lot of talent.

  2. The dress is beautiful, and it looks great on you. Nice work!

  3. Beautiful dress! Looks great on you!

  4. Very nice! The fabric is pretty!