Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ottobre 04/2004-15 in black for the Ring Bearer

You saw the waistband to this guy yesterday, but after the final touches are all on, they are finished!
Why they look blue in this picture, I do not know. They are actually made of a black pique that I found in the clearance section at Hancock's. The fabric for these pants was a surprising challenge! Since I seem to be incapable of purchasing solid color fabrics, I had no solid black anything in my stash. On Monday when I hit the Hancock's sale, I thought I'd pick up some black suiting or twill, but there was none to be had!! What!! Fortunately, this pique was left over from the summer, and was 50% off, so I grabbed it. I think it turned out pretty well, although it ravelled like the devil.This picture is more true to the color, which means that you can't see any of the detail. The back yoke is pretty cool, but it's just like the last one. In terms of finishing, since this fabric was crazy ravelly I overcast all of the edges before I started construction, so there wasn't anything to finish once I got going. Nice, actually. The fly went together very well, so I don't have any pictures of wonkyness there this time. I remembered the interfacing and it was all good. the only real difference between these and the previous pair is that I refashioned the other pair, so I didn't have to construct the hip pockets. They were already there! The slash on these pockets is very much on the bias, and this pique is a pretty loose weave, so it stretched like crazy! Fortunately, I remembered a tip from Power Sewing for stabilizing a bias cut pocket with a piece of woven selvage.
So that is what I did! And it worked great!! The pockets are totally stable. No stretching at all. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that it is both understitched and topstitched per the pattern instructions. I thought that was a little overkill, but I did it and I admit - they look great.

I should have some fun pictures of all of this wedding gear to show you soon! The wedding is Friday and the reception Saturday!! I got these pants done just in time. Whew!


Cindy said...

Can't wait to see the pants in action!

Kathi said...

I tend to be incapable of purchasing solid fabrics also!! The few times I have actually WANTED to buy solids I wasn't even able to find what I wanted! It is rather sad.
The pants are cute. I am sure they will be even cuter on than off!