Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Butterick 4222 - the golf version

Cozy jammies for the coming winter! Logan's PJ's are all finished. He chose the fabric, which made me laugh, since we are not golfers around here. He totally refused trains, cars and even monkeys in favor of the "ball" fabric.This is my third set of PJs from this pattern, and the sixth or seventh pair of pants. I like many things about it. Particularly, I love the simplicity of design and easy construction. The pattern instructions call for double stitched seams, which is my favorite method for "finishing" the seams of kids clothes in a firmly woven fabric. They are sturdy and if you trim close to the second line of stitching, you don't get any fraying. I really love the pants pattern, for the same reason I love the grown-up version (Butterick 6837) which is that the pant front and back are all one piece, so you only have two seams to sew. Makes for a super quick pair of pants!
I realized after I took the pictures that I put the pocket on the wrong side! Whoops! I guess it really doesn't matter, but it means that the front laps the wrong way, since I put the buttonholes on the pocket side.

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Kathi said...

They are so cute!! Isn't it funny how you notice things like the pocket in pictures? I do that too.
Maybe your son is hinting that he wants to start playing golf!!!