Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something new!

Look what I did yesterday!
I hesitate to say "made" since this really isn't anything in particular, it is just practice knitting, but it is the first knitting I've ever done! My friend Beth taught me how to knit stitch and decrease yesterday. I practiced all day long and that is what I ended up with. I'm very excited about my little patch of knitting. I know it's not much but it represents a start for me.

So, all you awesome knitters out there, any tips for the knitting newbie?


Varina said...

Well your tension looks really even but a little tight, you don't really need to be pulling as tight as you are, which will cause problems for you later. I also think you would be better off practicing with a yarn that was easier to work with. Lily is very stiff and tends to split. At any Hancock's you can get Lion Brand wool-ease, Vanna's Choice, TLC Essentials, or, by preference, Caron Simply Soft. All are easier to work with and will make it easier for you to get a good feel for tension and be easier to form stitches with.
In general though, you seem to be doing really well.

KID, MD said...

Precisely the sort of info I need! It does split a lot and I was wondering if that was tension or yarn related - possibly both, but I'm practicing!

Varina said...

The gauge may also be too small. That looks like a small needle to be using with that weight yarn. Look on the ball band and there will be a guage listed with a specific size needle, generally you use something with 1-2 numbers of that size unless you are going for a specific effect, like an extra heavy fabric from a too-small needle or extra light from a too large needle. Using a needle that is too large is fine, even recommended, for beginner's, but something to small is much harder to work with.

Sarah said...

My mom's ward has a knitting group and she started going a few months ago. She says that it's really relaxing to just sit, watch tv, and knit lines - nothing in particular.