Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prototype # 2

Mitch has been in desperate need for new scrubs for some time. The cheap institution he works for issues the doctors three sets of the cheapest scrubs on the planet, and then expects them to last three years. Unsurprisingly, Mitch's are literally falling apart. I've been trying to find a fabric that I'm happy with. It needs to be fairly lightweight, but still sturdy and, most importantly, wrinkle-free. I've tried a couple of different broadcloths, without much success. A few days ago, I ordered some wrinkle-free poplin from here. I got 6 yards, so it ended up being an amazing deal. This stuff is really awesome! It is sturdy and came out of the dryer completely wrinkle free, but still pressed well while sewing. Amazing! I might have to order up some for blouses...

Anyway, here is my first attempt at a scrub top. I used New Look 6857. Now, this isn't a "doctor" scrub top, which would have made it a no-go for me. My patients always thought I was the nurse. Fortunately, Mitch doesn't have that problem, and he wanted all of his pockets on the same side, so I didn't have to make it reversible.
The top isn't perfect. For one thing, it is enormous. Waaaay too much ease in this pattern!! I even sized it down, expecting that, and it is still too big. Also, Mitch prefers a set-in sleeve, rather than a kimono. There is exactly one scrub pattern on the market that fits that description, so we'll be picking that up tomorrow.The pants are a copy of his favorite scrub pants, but with patch pockets on the rear on both sides and front porkchop style pockets. I had intended to do hip slash pockets, but forgot. Next time! They also turned out a little short, so I'll fix that in the next pair.Here is my cute doctor hubby in his new scrubs!And from the back.

They aren't perfect, but they'll do for now. Mitch is wearing them around the house to see how he feels about the fabric. It is a little heavier than most of the scrubs he wears. Will that be a deal-breaker? We'll see...


  1. Will they withstand his ride to work?? That would be my question!!!!!

  2. That is very cool that you made scrubs for your hubby. Great post too.

  3. I sort of noticed before (and having just read your Doctor's Scrubs post realize apparently it's true) that the pattern companies only seem to have nurse/tech scrubs. I always wondered if they just assumed that only women would want to make their own scrubs (which apparently assumes that only women are nurses and men are doctors in Pattern World) or if they assumed that doctors wouldn't want to wear home-sewn scrubs. I haven't told my hubby who's going to nursing school that he's in luck and I can make his scrubs because they're for girls! :-) I totally agree that nrusing scrubs are nicer in many ways, not least of all that you can (in some places) wear them in funky colors and patterns. Do you think hubby will go for a scatter-print of kittens or angels on his? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

    Anyway, I'm definitely keeping track of that Fabric for Uniforms link, thanks!!