Monday, June 15, 2009

A visit

My Dad came over yesterday for a short visit on his way to Seattle to see my sister (and take her all of her stuff). He brought me a bunch of stuff my Mom has had hanging around since we were kids. Look at the yummy Little Vogue patterns!!My Mom is amazingly anal retentive and labels all her patterns when she buys them. These are all labelled 1984. I love the smocked dress!! I'm not sure I am up to smocking yet, but maybe by the time Myra is big enough for this dress I will be. It starts at a size 3, so I have a few years. The pleated skirt in the middle is so cute, and I can't wait to make that long dress on top with the pintucked bodice! I'm glad to see some boy stuff, too. Maybe a duckie vest wouldn't be too girlie??


  1. I am NOT anal-retentive.
    Someday, when an Archeologist or (ahem) Textile Archivist finds these patterns he/she will be delighted to have their provenance verified. These are a Primary Source of historical information.

  2. What about combining duckies and blue denim for a vest and long shorts? Make the shorts out of duckies, put denim (chambray in a denim color) pockets on, a denim cuff, and a vest or a denim colored shirt with a duck appliqued onto it down towards the bottom, maybe with a puddle?