Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fluffy stuff

I really don't need more fabric. In fact, I decided last week that I have plenty of fabric and patterns to last me some time, and that I am absolutely NOT going to buy anything except specific notions needed for a defined project, at least until I can fit all of my fabric into the sewing closet. But I am an addict. And I went to Hobby Lobby. I actually went specifically to get strapping for the drawstring in a pair of scrub pants I am making for Mitch, but I made the mistake of peeking in the remnant bin. I adopted these six half yard pieces of fabric for five bucks. Sweet!! I LOVE the green zebra. It is a lovely jersey knit. It will be so fun!! Logan has claimed the duckie fabric, but I'm not sure what to make him with it. What would you make for an almost three year old who loves duckies but might look a bit girly in them?
Then the mail arrived. Oooh. Bee Squared fabric had a going out of business sale, and while I am very sad that they will be gone, I am very excited about the beautiful fabrics I got for a song.
I haven't even washed them yet. I just walk into my sewing room where they sit and stroke them. They are so soft and smell like new fabric. Mmmm. I think the Anna Maria Horner on the bottom is for me. I got three yards. I am thinking a shirtdress, but maybe that would be too busy. What do you think?

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  1. Have you thought about a gardening apron for the 3 year old? I like the one in A is for Apron--I think it's called Dig It. I made a version of it for a friend this week. Well, I really just used the measurement for the big placket, changed everything else. . . .but the pic gives a good visual. I even took some pockets from my son's out-grown jeans for pockets. That might be fun for a down-sized little guy version. :0