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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pants~along:The final product!

While I am not fully back into the swing of things I did manage to get all caught up on the pants~along. I was so excited to wear my cute new pants that I went ahead and hemmed them.Myra wanted to pose, too. I don't know why I am making that funny face. Just look at the pants and the cute baby!
Here is the casing and the front detail. The computer monitor does not do justice to the colors. The teal is very saturated and rich while the facing and ribbon are a delicate, pale pink. The topstitching is cream.
Pants front. Did I mention that I love how they fit? They are awesome. I admit that this is a pattern that I would never have purchased if it weren't for this pants~along, but it is a great basic pant (and skirt) pattern, so I am glad that I have it! The only changes that I made were to straighten the legs from the knee down. I'm not a fan of tapered pants at all.
Here is the back. I love the little bit of ribbon peeking out between the grommets in the back. Nice touch! I had a hard time deciding on the length. When I cut out the pants I had just enough fabric for this "clamdigger" length, but I had knee length capris in my head. Once I tried them on, I really like this length, so I decided to keep it. I can always shorten it later or just roll them up if I want.

I only have one regret about these adorable pants. As I was putting them on to take pictures, I realized that no one will ever see the cute waistband details. I am unbelievably short waisted (thanks to my Colley blood for that), and so I always wear long, untucked tops to elongate my torso. Oh well, I know it's there!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pants~along: Butt darts

Well, I am all caught up on startdustshoes pantsalog! Yay! Here is the front, with my round pockets and double needle topstitching. As you can see, I decided against the faux fly. I think there is enough going on with all the pocket stitching, and there is more stitching to come as we add the facings and drawstring.
And the back. I elected to topstitch just a single line along the crotch so that the rear would be a little simpler, since I'd rather folks not focus all that much on my rear thank-you-very-much. The next step will be back pockets, but I think I will sit that one out (so to speak). I like the simplicity of the pant sans pockets and as aforementioned, don't really want any more focus on my rear than necessary.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pants~along: The early years

I'm so excited about joining in on stardustshoes' pants~along! I started a little late, since I wanted to finish my apron first, but I'm getting caught up!Here is my fabric. The teal is a cotton/poly woven with a bit of stretch, which I think will give it a nice fit. I am using this delicate pink eyelet for the linings and facings.

I'm not very good at following directions, and I've already deviated a wee bit. The pattern I am using is Butterick 3460, rather than See & Sew 3886. Butterick was 99 cents this weekend, and I've noticed that you can often find the same designs that you see in the lower price pattern lines in the main collections by the same company. This pattern line drawing is just like the See & Sew and the description is word-for-word identical, so I saved a couple bucks. I should also state here that I have a pants method that I always use, regardless of what the pattern tells me to do. Here is my formula: Pockets and embellishments first, then sew outside leg side seams, inside leg side seams, then crotch seam last with the pants nested right sides together. I like to sew the outer side seams first so that any topstitching I do there can be done with the legs flat so that it is easier and I am less likely to mess up where it really shows.
So, that said, I made my pockets first. Since I was using that delicate eyelet for my lining, I decided to do rounded pockets and to line them as well. Besides, lined pockets means no curved hems. I hate curved hems!
There is the pretty lining.
And here is my right leg - all finished! I love all of this topstitching! I decided to really make mine pop and used a light cream embroidery thread. It is nice and thick, so it really shows up well against the teal. I love it!
Well, I still need to finish the inside left leg. It just needs topstitching, then I will move on to the crotch seam. I am on the fence about embellishment here. I think a faux fly might be cute, but I'm not sure... What do you think?