Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shorts and great plans

Well, after forcing the shorts off his sleeping body (I think he likes them!), I was able to get a few pictures last night. Here is the back.And a close up of the pocket. I think they're a bit wild, but that's OK when you're not quite three, and Logan loves them.
I also went to a yard sale yesterday morning. I'm putting myself on a fabric diet, at least until I can use up some of what I already have. That means yard sale tee-shirts aren't off limits, right? Anyway, I cruised the house for loose change and went. There is always a yardsale somewhere in my neighborhood, and we were not disappointed.
I got two shirts and a skirt (and two rattling balls for the kids) for a buck fifty! Sweet! The skirt is too small, but only by a little and it is long and an a-line, so I am going to chop off the top half to make it knee length and add a drawstring and have myself a comfy linen skirt. One of the shirts is a XXXL size yellow tee shirt that I bet I can get both shirt and shorts for Logan out of. Tons of fabric. The other shirt is a way too small for me button down shirt with row of pintucking and lace insertion on the bodice. I think it will make a very lovely dress for Myra. And all for a dollar fifty! I have to start hitting more yard sales!

1 comment:

  1. Definitely a good deal, and that white shirt looks like it'll make something super cute!

    I keep an organizer in my sewing room closet for old clothes, linens, etc, no matter how much fabric I buy I always come back to repurposing.