Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly Roundup: August 2014

August was an odd month. I had spurts of motivation and then crashes of lost mojo. My sewing was pretty random. Between a bit of testing, Pattern Parcel sewing and some refashions it felt very unfocused. I did still manage to get some things done.

I sewed;
1) Simplicity 4702 skirt for Barbie
2) Cole's Creations Spirit Jacket for Myra
3) Simplicity 5861 pleated skirt for Skipper
4) Lovely Lolita Blythe dress for J-dolls
5) Simplicity 5861 knit pants x3 for Skipper and the J-dolls
6) Burda 08/2010-108 pants for me
7) Blank Slate Zippy Jacket for Logan
8) Ottobre 04/2013-12 tee for Myra
9) Simplicity 4702 tee for Barbie
10) Capital Chic Bellini for me
11) Dolly Bureau PJs (x4) for J-dolls

Quite a few of those haven't made it to the blog yet. Mostly the dolls clothes, as I'm sewing in themes and wardrobes, so I want to finish collections before I photograph them. It does add up to a total of 20 items, but only 7.25 yards. So much was kid clothes and doll clothes. They just don't use up the yardage. Still, I only bought 7.5 yards, so that's pretty neutral. My yearly totals are 116.75 yards sewn and 71.375 yards purchased.
Here's my collage, including a few doll clothes I haven't blogged. I''m kind of bummed out that I still haven't made the Oonaballoona inspired outfit that has been rattling around in my brain! I think I'm psyching myself out and making it into a bigger thing than it is. I should just sew it and have it done.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Capitol Chic Bellini, take 2

I wear my first Capital Chic Bellini so often that I just had to make another.
This time, I went with basic white. A girl can never have too many simple white blouses. This fabric is a tencel shirting with a nice drape that complements the unstructured style of Bellini. Since I was going for a super wearable basic, I used the cutaway collar this time, and a very understated white button.
The only minor complaint I have with my first Bellini (which I made with no alterations to the pattern) is that there is a teeny bit of pulling at the bust. Not even enough to make the buttons gape, but it does create an unsighly fold at the bustline.
I did a small FBA, adding a horizontal bust dart, and now that little pull is gone.
The back didn't require any alteration at all. Despite the lack of shaping back there, I think the silhouette is nice.
I took a few pictures of the process, so an FBA tutorial for the Bellini is in the cards. Stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School Spirit Refashion

One of our neighbors has a daughter who has just moved up from the Elementary School (where Myra and Logan attend) to the Middle School. She passed down a couple of tee shirts to Myra, but they were a bit too large...
I considered just taking them in at the side seams, but the neckline was slightly off the shoulder and the logo was weirdly placed on her chest, so I decided to completely remake them.
I thought a baseball style tee would be cute, so I used Ottobre 04/2013-12, which I've made for her before. I accented with white to make the logo stand out.
For the main body of the shirt, I sliced the original shirt at the sides, then removed the sleeves and cut the shoulder seams. I did my best to get the fabric on grain, which was impossible in front since the logo has to stay level, but I think I got the back pretty close.
The white fabric is Chez Ami interlock. It makes great binding fabric, since it is so stable and has excellent recovery.
Since I didn't need the sleeve fabric for Myra's new top, I decided to use them to make Summer a tee, along with a tiny scrap of white rayon jersey so she and Myra could match.
Summer's top was made using Simplicity 4702. I lengthened the top 1/2 inch and slimmed it about 1/4 inch at the side seams. Summer has a Model Muse body, which is taller and slimmer than Barbie's Belly Button Body. I also made Summer's Bermuda shorts, using a tracing from the pants the Divergent/Tris doll wears. I shortened them to hit just above the knee and slimmed them slightly at the side seam, again to fit the Model Muse body.
Myra likes her new shirt very much, and especially loves that she can match Summer! She told me that she wants me to make all her dolls new shirts. Sadly, there are no more sleeves! We'll have to wait for the next Myra make.