Thursday, June 4, 2009

In triplicate

Apparently, I am sewing in threes this week. First, three aprons, now three pairs of shorts. It all started with this sweet outfit. The shorts are a modified version of Simplicity 4203, but what I really wanted to make was a short pattern from a Burda WOF that my sister brought me back from Europe. It's in French, so I've been a little nervous about trying out the patterns, since my high school French is a wee rusty and never included technical sewing terms anyway. But I figured shorts aren't complicated, so I was going to go for it, but the pattern starts at a 4T. Not helpful when Myra is a 12 M. Still I loved the look of the contrast fabric tie, so I decided to do a half elastic waist with a fabric tie/drawstring in the front. Not a big alteration, but I think it makes a big difference in style! After I made the shorts, I decided that she needed an appliqued onesie to go with. This is just with the applique ironed on, pre-stitching. I have to say that I am inordinately pleased with how this outfit came out. So cute! I know it's just shorts, but I love it when something so simple turns out so well.
but Myra REALLY wanted to wear it!
So here she is modeling her new outfit.
I LOVE the way these fit!! The length is perfect for crawling. There is plenty of diaper space, and she is comfy. I also think that between the drawstring and the generous hem that I can let out as needed, I should get more than one summer out of these.
After I made Myra's, I wanted to make some more! They were so fun and went together so quickly. So, I decided to make a pair for Anna and Lily. I had tons of this fun patchwork fabric, and it is so trendy right now for kids. I hope that the girls like their shorts!

ETA: Anna and Lily were so cute today sporting their shorts at playgroup! I was glad to see that I estimated the length perfectly. The girls looked cool and comfy in them! They got lots of compliments from the other mommies.


  1. Very cute! Is that patchwork fabric? I love the European patterns - they are so much more unusual & stylish.

  2. It is patchwork fabric. I'm too lazy to make it myself. LOL!