Friday, June 19, 2009

Butterick 4686

I just finished my presser foot skirt! I was a little worried I wouldn't get done in time since I've had a lot of other projects that called for my attention. Fortunately, this was a quick and easy skirt, although I think it looks more polished than the effort expended. You've got to love that! Skirts are really great for that anyway. This pattern was pretty simple - just a full skirt with a yoke. Nothing fancy, except for my issues with zippers, which I admit are getting a serious workout between Myra's dress and this skirt!I am generally happy with the way that it went together. It was easy and smooth to sew. But that zipper!! How did this happen!!
Seriously, it aligned perfectly when I pinned it, when I basted it, when I topstitched it! Why doesn't it line up, now that all the basting is gone?!?!
Of course, that means that it doesn't line up here, either. At least I'm consistent. I am reminded of clevergirl's recent post about precision and accuracy... It seems I am precise, but not accurate. Alas. Foiled by the zipper.
Sorry about the fuzzy self-portrait, but you get the idea. It fits. I love the length and the swing of the hemline. I cut this by view C, which is actually the shorter of the views, then after the fact had to remove an additional 2 inches. This is NOT a short skirt. I also have a great hatred of both hems and handstitching, so you can imagine my glee when I read that they wanted me to handstitch the nearly circular hem. No thank you. I decided that this was an excellent time to try out the Steam a Seam that I have been reading so much about. I LOVE how it turned out!! No handsewing, but a pretty, invisible hem that won't get caught in my stilettos. Life is good. We'll see how it handles my slipshod laundry techniques...


  1. That is a very cute skirt! :)

  2. Ha, I know how you feel about the zipper not aligning. It is a great-looking skirt! Very flattering on you. I recently sewed a dress with circle skirt, and after trying a couple of different techniques over the past few years, the one I like best is to serge the hemmed edge with a wide stitch (3/8" or wider if you can) and in a thread color close to the fabric color, then just turn a narrow hem under by following the serging line, and press. Works like a dream if you have a serger!

  3. Thank you for feeling my pain!! I'm adding this to my ever growing "Why I need a serger" list!

  4. I am a huge fan of buttons or elastic...I don't know how many zippers it will take to get those down. That is a cute skirt. Luckily the top of the zipper usually is cover. You are getting much done! Good for you. I can't wait to start again. I will be referring to here a lot.