Monday, June 1, 2009

Summertime yummies!

No, this isn't sewing, but creating is creating, and you'll love it anyway. It gets really hot here in Texas, and we've found the perfect way to cool off! Welcome to my freezer. These are our new family favorite. Homemade pudding pops! I started with a recipe from the Kraft Food and Family magazine and made it my own. My family loves it, and so will yours.
Assemble your ingredients:
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 cups cold milk
1 4 serving package instant pudding (you can use sugar free if you like, it tastes great!), whatever flavor you'd like
3 oz. paper cups (or Popsicle molds if you'd like)
wooden craft sticks

Whip the cream. You can add a bit of sugar of you like, but it isn't necessary. Add the pudding mix to the cold milk and blend thoroughly. I just use the mixer, since I had it out to whip the cream, but you can whisk it if you want. Stir the whipped cream into the pudding and pour (spoon) your mixture into the cups. The pudding should be soft set by this time, so the sticks will stay up on their own. Pop those babies in the freezer until they are frozen (a few hours) if you can wait that long!
Variations we've liked:
Add in yummy things like crushed cookies or chocolate chips. It makes a fancy touch if you sprinkle some mini chips into the cups before you spoon in the pudding.
Although I couldn't find orange pudding (to make Dreamsicles), you can make your own by adding about a 1/2 tablespoon orange extract and some orange food dye to the milk and use vanilla pudding mix.

Give it a go and let me know what kind your family likes!

And of course, since this is my sewing blog - a peek at what is on my machine right now.
Happy Sewing and Cooking!


  1. they look great. We'll be right over!

  2. You can make the dreamsicle flavor by mixing the whipped cream into orange jello (before it is set) and freezing as usual... since these don't set up enough to hold the sticks upright right away, we put a slice of banana at the bottom of the cup and insert the stick into it.

  3. Beth - Anytime!!

    Michele- Love the banana idea! I bet it would be really yummy in chocolate too...

  4. i will be bookmarking this post - now! ( :

  5. LOVE pudding pops! LOVE dreamsicles! Mmmm!!!!

  6. That is so funny! We must have been making them about the same day! I got behind in my google reader so I hadn't seen your post yet. But that's neat you tried out variations on the recipe. I love Kraft Food & Family!