Friday, June 26, 2009

Fishie shorts

I decided to try my hand at freezer paper stencilling. Thanks to this tutorial from Dana at MADE, it was no trouble! I wanted to start with something simple, and I liked the idea of goldfish (Logan and Makenna have that love in common!), so I found a cute fish picture online, added a few bubbles and we were off. I think it turned out pretty well.Not perfect, but I'm happy with my first attempt.
The shorts are New Look 6641 again. It is a great pattern for basics. I really like this shorts pattern, as it isn't just cut off pants, but a separate pattern in it's own right. I like the shape and the fit is perfect.
Logan wouldn't cooperate with a front view, but you can see that they are workin' for him. He likes the fishie, and I enjoyed the process, so you may be seeing some more of this. You know what they say - Practice makes perfect!


  1. Your stenciling looks good. What kind of paint did you use? I tried this once and my paint got puffy. It was kind of cool, but I wasn't expecting it. I should have read the paint bottle.

  2. I used the kind in the squeeze bottle, and it is labeled "dimensional" so I think it might puff up in the wash. We'll see...