Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monthly Roundup: February 2012

We had a pretty good month here at Chez Deshazer. Mitch had a light rotation and an entire week off (during which he only worked 40 hours - a total vacation for us). That translated into lots of family time as well as hobby time for both of us. While Mitch dug and planted and ran, I sewed and knit and crocheted. It was pretty darn awesome.

I completed:
1) Sewing For Boys Two-Faced Pants for Duncan
2) Sewing For Boys Kickin' Back sweats x2 for Logan
3) Seams to Me Pincushion Caddy as my first Pay it Forward gift
4) Crochet flower hair clip for Myra
5) Crocheted headband for Myra
6) Ambitus neckwarmer for me
7) World War II mittens for Mitch
8) Princess washcloth for Myra
9) Vogue 8747 blouse for me
10) Simplicity 4378 scrub top and pants (x2 each) for Mitch
11) Vogue 8330 jeans for me
12) Simplicity 2149 jacket for me
13) Escargot cloche for me
14) My Image Winter 2010/11 M1003 cardigan for me
15) My first Socks!! I'll blog about them soon.

That adds up to 12 sewn items, 4 knitted items, and 2 crocheted items. Woo hoo! Not bad for a short month, and considering that the totals included a tailored blouse, jeans and a jacket, all of which are pretty time intensive. I am very pleased. I sewed up 22 yards of fabric, of which 12 3/4 came from the stash. I only added 3 yards of fabric to the stash, so I am ahead! For once.

Going forward, I plan to continue working on the Wardrobe Basics SAL.
This has been a really great sew along for me, and I really am enjoying it. My wardrobe is pleased as well. I have finished 4 items (turtleneck, slim pants, jeans and fur jacket) and muslined patterns for 2 more (white shirt and tie waist sweater). I need to sew up the white shirt and the sweater, both of which should be quick since I've done them before. Then I need to toile and sew the vest and trench, and draft the skirt. Elizabeth pointed me in the direction of a great Vogue pattern that is very similar to the McQueen skirt I want to knock off, so that will be a good starting point. The LBD is still in the very early planning stages. I'm pretty sure I want it to be black. And a dress.

In the meantime, it is March, which means Easter is right around the corner! I generally like to make us some new duds for Easter. Logan recently got a new dress shirt, so he really just needs pants (but he REALLY needs pants!). Logan's first mommy made Easter outfit was a vest and pants, which won't fit Duncan for another year. But I love little baby vests, so I'll probably knock one out for the wee mannie.
For Myra, I've been crocheting little purple flowers to adorn the bodice of a dress. I haven't decided on pattern or fabric yet, but it'll likely be something simple to let the flowers be the star. For me? I've been sewing so much for myself lately that I may not feel inclined to make a dress for me. We'll just see how things develop. It's not like I don't have a few dresses, ya know?


  1. Wow! Your productivity amazes me! Yes, Easter is around the corner... I'd better get moving myself!

  2. ooo...I like the crocheted flowers! Can't wait to see what they will adorn!

  3. You always blow me away, woman! Do you never rest?! ;-)

  4. I am amazed by your productivity, and inspired by your Wardrobe Basics plan... I think I have to have some beige basics and another white shirt this spring. Thanks!

  5. Oh WOW! I look at your list and know I need some serious time management in my life. Great job!

  6. Fantastic result - your time management skills are inspirational.

  7. Socks? If ever I took up knitting, socks could tip me over the's always so hard to find nice warm socks. I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

  8. Productive as always - just astounding!