Saturday, February 25, 2012

Simplicity 2149, mostly

My next component of the Wardrobe Basics SAL was the faux fur vest. While I recognize that this is a popular trend, it just doesn't work for me. Instead, I decided to go all out and make a faux fur jacket. I really appreciated all of the feedback from everyone about my muslin choices. The general consensus was definitely in favor of the Simplicity overall (although I wonder how much those crazy Burda sleeves had to do with that!). I really liked the general shape of the Simplicity, too, but something about it just wasn't feeling right. As I stared at the pictures, I realized that what I loved about the Burda was the neckline and curved hem, so I transferred them to the Simplicity pattern and I love the result.
I'm wearing the jacket with my Vogue 8330 skinny jeans (the first pair!) and the ubiquitous burdastyle turtle neck from the 09/2010 issue.
You can see the seams and shape a little better in this view. I actually really like the lines of this jacket and probably will make it again. It has two piece raglan sleeves with princess seams. The princess seaming acts like a shoulder princess, since it inserts high into the raglan armsyce. That made it really easy to ease the princes curves together, even in the D cup pattern piece.
The jacket is lined to the edge with a polyester jacquard from Fabric Mart. I bagged the lining rather than a couture insertion. With the pile of the fur covering my seamlines, I didn't think the extra effort was worth it.
I did do a bit of hand understitching at the neckline. Since you can't press the fur, this was the only way I could control the seam, which really wanted to roll out here. The lining is trimmed about 1/8 inch smaller than the fur to encourage it to roll to the inside, which worked out well pretty much everywhere except the back neckline. The understitching did the trick though.
For a closure I used a single fur hook just under the bust. I considered a second hook, but I kind of like the "babydoll" effect the single hook has. I'll wear it a bit and see what I think. I can always add another later.
I'm really happy with my jacket, and my first foray into sewing faux fur. The fur wasn't too hard to tame, and the jacket is nice and cozy. I really only have one D'oh to report, and I could seriously kick myself for this one. There are no pockets. I planned to put inseam pockets in the front princess seams. I drafted the pattern pieces and placed them, cut them out and then got so excited about sewing this up that I forgot to put them in. *headdesk* I guess you can't win them all...


  1. What a beautiful jacket! I love the simplicity of it. So chic with the lining too!

  2. It looks really good. And now you have a jacket pattern that you can use for a variety of materials: a double win!

    I never use coat pockets, BTW. If they're there, I toss things in them and forget, then find them years later. I found about $4 in small change in my winter coat pocket a little while back, and I don't even know when or how it got there!

  3. Isn't faux fur so much fun? You can't help but feel a little drama when you're wearing it. :)

    I like your tip on keeping the jacket lining from rolling out if you line to the edge. I'd never thought of that before!

  4. wow - I am just loving it with the jeans and boots- what a chic winter combo!

  5. Love your entire outfit! The jacket looks rich. Outstanding!

  6. Oh, don't you look chic! New York, watch out! That's a marvy jacket. How much fur do you have floating about the house?

    1. Oh my goodness, it is EVERYWHERE! My sewing room will never be the same again...

  7. Oh, Katie, it's fantastic - I love it! Aren't you proud?!

  8. What a great jacket! Looks wonderful with your skinny jeans.

  9. You look great! Beautiful jacket, excellent job!

  10. It looks SO warm. Ah, warm. I really like the raglan+princess lines...that's a great look for a jacket.

  11. Cool jacket! It looks warm and cozy. I love that you chose a design that has very easy seams, between having no collar (or pockets! see, you were just being easier on yourself!), raglan sleeves and princess seams. It looks really great!

  12. Very nice! It looks great on you, Kate!

  13. Your jacket looks fantastic, great job making the sewalong list work for you.

  14. What a gorgeous jacket! You always amaze me with your creations: great style and obviously well made. Plus you're so productive, which must be a challenge with three wee ones. So, yesterday, when I was given the Versatile Blogger award and knew I would need to pass it on to bloggers that I truly value, I immediately thought of you! You can read more about it on my blog if you wish.

    To accept you follow these rules:
    1. Add the award to your blog;
    2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you;
    3. Mention 7 random things about yourself;
    4. List the rules;
    5. Give the award to 15 bloggers;
    6. Inform each of those 15 bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog .
    Have fun! ~ Peggy

  15. Your jacket looks wonderful and I think the princess lines work really well with the fur. I love the lining too!

  16. Love this jacket! The shape and fit are really flattering. I like the one hook under the bust, it gives it a sort of jaunty style.