Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year in Review

Seriously, didn't I just write one of these??? This year flew by so dang fast. That may have had something to do with the insanity of having a new baby, moving across country, starting a fellowship (for the hubs) and basically completely rearranging my whole life. Or something.

Anyway - the sewing. So, 2011 was a pretty darn good year. When it began, I had a fresh newborn and wasn't sure how he was going to effect my sewing, so I didn't make any really firm goals. I think that was a good thing, since it let me feel like I could sew (and knit) as pleased me.  As it went, I sewed 123 items and knit 10 items. That is less than last year, but there was a lot of upheaval, so I'm still pretty pleased. I don't feel like I tackled any particularly huge projects, but by letting myself "just sew" I feel like I learned a lot about the way that I sew and gave myself permission to enjoy the process. I also learned a lot about fitting, particularly pants.

I've noticed that this year a lot of bloggers have been posting their favorite sewn items from the year rather than a big 'ole list of stats. I love this, so I think I'm going to adopt it, in part. Since I sew both for myself and for my family, I'm going to break up my faves into categories.

My favorite sewn item for me was...
a tie:
my Vogue 1250 maxi dress was my go to dress all summer long. It is comfortable, flattering and easy to wear. I love it so much.
and my Vogue 8330 jeans. These have rapidly become my favorite jeans and I wear them pretty much daily.

My favorite baby item was...
Duncan's Simplicity 4711 romper. Seriously, does it get any cuter??

For Myra...
the New Look 6926/Style 2687 outfit. Cuteness factor is through the roof, but there is no pink and she still loves it. I also have to give an honorable mention to her Jalie gymnastics leotards. I was nervous about sewing what is essentially swimwear, but it went very well and she is definitely the best dressed little girl at the gym.

For Logan...
This is a tough one, since most of my Logan sewing is pretty utilitarian and he fortunately wears everything I make him, but from my perspective, I am most pleased with
his Thomas the train PJs. They are his favorite pajamas, but I'm quite proud of my frankenpatterning job to make them work.

And poor neglected Mitch...
I admit that the sewing that I have done for him has been only quasi successful. On the one hand, he loves the scrubs I've made and the athletic gear I have sewn, but in the dress shirts and slacks department I haven't made made much progress. So my favorite made item for Mitch has actually been a knitted one.
He has constantly worn the cowl I knitted him, so for Christmas, I made him a hat and cowl to match. They have not left his person since they came off the needles.

So, for next year, I do have a few goals...

1) Make a tailored coat and jacket. This one is actually already in progress. The coat is cut out and the tailoring has begun. For the jacket, I am planning to pull out one of my SISC projects and make Vogue 8601.

2) Complete (yes, complete!) my SISC projects. Believe it or not, I have actually already made 4 of them, but I seem to have stalled. The coat in progress will be SISC #5, and then I will get back on track with them.

3) Keep better track of my fabric ins and outs, with the goal of sewing more fabric than I buy. I have been keeping track of what I sew, but not of what is coming in. I'd like to actually sew up some of this beautiful fabric that is filling my sewing room!

4) Sew an LBD. This goal has been on the books for 3 years now. I think the time has come...

5) Knit socks. I have conquered sweaters, mittens, gloves, scarves, hats and cowls. It's time for socks.

Other than that, I really just want to work more on enjoying the process. To that end, I may spend more or less time on specific projects. If posting gets a little random, you can just assume I'm sewing up something fun.


  1. Great end of the year post. I did not plan of written an end of the year post, however after reading your post I may reconsider. HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  2. Phew! I agree the year went fast, but you definitely had a crazy (and productive) year. Here's to a creative 2012!

  3. You've had a very productive year and I love the looks that you've chosen as your best of!

  4. So productive, as usual! I'm jealous, but you've inspired me to set actual goals is year.

  5. Considering the baby and that you moved, it's amazing how much you accomplished this year. What good learning all that was. Enjoying the process more seems is a fabulous goal. Best of luck in 2012

  6. Hi Katie,
    I really enjoyed your post. I don't sew a tenth as many items in a year. You are amazing!
    :)Deb M.

  7. Katie,
    I was just thinking the same thing - Wow! 123 items and you moved and had a baby! You are awesome - I do love your maxi dress and jeans!

  8. You have had an amazing year! Great job. I look forward to continuing to follow along in the coming year. Good luck with all your goals!

  9. You know if I didn't spend so much time reading your blog I would probably sew more:) However I still could never sew as much as you do in a year. You are AMAZING! Especially with a baby, by the way you look great too!

  10. 123 items? holy cow! You are nose-to-the-grindstone with your sewing!
    Thanks for your support esp with my brain MRI--you rock!

  11. I am just in awe of your productivity since I have only one child and managed about half of what you did!

    Your Vogue jeans are amazing - not the least because they show off those shapely pins - but also the awesome fit - I followed through some of your links on that and hope to follow up and try out some of those alterations for myself.

    Best wishes for an enjoyable year. Your goals sound great, and knowing you, you'll have them checked off before we know it!

  12. Wow, you have done a lot this year! What an inspiration you are. I look forward to all of the wonderful things you create this coming year.

  13. I really just want to pinch those cute baby cheeks! What a sweetie. You have been SO productive. Holy cow. And this was a "slow" year?!

  14. You have had a terrific year of sewing amongst everything else that has happened this year. All the best for 2012!

  15. Great year end post! Your goals for the coming year are definitely doable! I will be looking forward to see what you come up with.

  16. Can I add one of my favorites to your list? M's Halloween costume was really fabulous.
    Amazing productivity, Katie.

  17. When I grow up I want my sewing posting to be as organized as yours. No, wait, I want to sew as consistently as you do. I've had a lovely piece of white sweater knit out all weekend, wanting to become a V1250 and matching cardigan, and it's still just a folded piece of fabric. Ah, maybe next weekend!

    Seriously, I've loved reading about your projects this year. And, no, there's nothing cuter than a baby!

  18. You've had another impressive year, despite major distractions! (I still can't believe how long it took for your belongings to arrive after your move.) Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012!

  19. congratulations on all your sewing and especially your maxied vogue dress ( vogue should pay you some sort of commission for that design. ) Thanks too for the tute on turning a pencil skirt into a knit zipperless pattern - that was a great idea.