Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ottobre 04/2004-14

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments on my jacket. I really love it and enjoyed making it. I'm glad I got to share a bit with all of you.


As predicted, Logan has been wearing his Woody costume shirt to church since Halloween. While I am glad it is getting worn, and also that he is leaving the vest at home (Whew!) it was quite fitted when I made it and now it is just too small. I have been trying out other patterns for dress shirts for Logan, but this time I came back to an old favorite from the 04/2004 issue of Ottobre.
This is #14, the "shirt for little boys". I made it for Logan in 2009 and I just love all of the wonderful details it has. It really is pretty much the perfect little man shirt.
It has cool darted pockets. I left off the flap, since I matched the pocket stripes perfectly and I was afraid to mess with a good thing. I do think it looks more grown up without the flaps, but the corner darts leave plenty of room for trains and cars.
I love the sleeve plackets. I just adore how much these make a little man shirt. And this issue of the magazine has detailed instructions with diagrams for putting in the sleeve placket. I forget all the fiddly details since I don't do this all the time, so it is really great to have the reminder of all the steps. Also - how about that stripe matching across the placket, eh? Mad skills. And magic tape.
The shoulder yoke comes forward of the shoulder seam and is curved into the front. Pam mentioned recently on Facebook how much she likes this feature in a man's shirt, and I have to agree. I think that it gives it a much more high end look. It's the little touches, you know?
The back yoke also curves down, mirroring the front and there is a center back pleat, just like Daddy's shirts.  I'm really glad that Ottobre drafted this shirt all the way up to size 170. I just love it.

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Anonymous said...

That,s a beautiful shirt, so right for a little one for church. I have really appreciated your going through how you did your jacket too. Thank you.
Brenda in the Boro UK

Karen said...

Otto 4/04 is hands down my favorite issue for boys. I suggest making the pants, too, with the matching curved yoke in the back. Otto is so good with the details!

gwensews said...

That is such a dress-up shirt for a young man! Nice sewing! My little grandsons, age 3 and 4--are usually dressed in tailored shirts and pants for pre-school and church.

Cindy said...

It looks great, Katie! You did a fabulous job matching the stripes.

Unknown said...

Wow, that completely looks like a grown up man shirt, I bet he just loves it! great job matching the stripes on the pockets. I have never made sleeve plackets, but hope to try a pattern with them in the next month or so. Yours look very professional!

Unknown said...

What a great looking little man shirt! It has all the details, not simple like most kids shirts.
Great job lining up the stripes on the pockets! I'e never made sleeves with plackets, but I hope to try it out sometime in the next month. Yours look very professional!

Unknown said...


Marjie said...

I admire you for sewing for your boys - something I never did for my 6 sons!

Beth said...

Very sharp-looking shirt.

kbenco said...

Ooh, nice shirt. That darted pocket is a great idea,and your details at cuff,placket and shoulder line are very smart.