Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jalie 2105

Also entitled, "How I avoided sewing a Rapunzel costume and instead sewed Spandex". No, really Myra did need a new leotard for gymnastics. Her class is early enough in the morning that it is still quite chilly and her thin Texas blood needed more coverage.
This pattern is Jalie 2105, which is actually for a ballet leotard. I love that it has long legs and 3/4 sleeves, which gives Myra lots more coverage, both for the morning chill and for the inevitable bumps and bruises.
The fabric is from SpandexWorld. Myra likes the sparkle of the hologram spandex, but it is a little itchy. the lilac sleeves are a heavier weight milliskin, which is very nice and was quite pleasant to sew, for spandex.
Her gym is pretty dark, but the flash did weird things to the fabric, so this is the best picture I managed (out of 160) that shows the proportions of the leotard. The sleeves are right at elbow length on Myra, and the legs are just below the knee. Size-wise, she is an F based on her measurements, but her length is in the G, so I lengthened the body to accommodate her long torso. Jalie provides a girth measurement that is really helpful in determining the length to use.

The biggest challenge I had with the last leotard was the neckline. I really appreciated everyone who chimed in with advice and help. I managed to get my hands on several Stretch & Sew patterns (Thanks to Mom and Debbie!!) and got some swim elastic in place of the knitted elastic I used last time.
I also decided to try out the coverstitch, since I coverstitched the hems. Boy, did it look like a hot mess when it came off the machine!
Fortunately, it lies nice and flat on Myra. Pardon the grumpy face. I think she was a little tired of the camera at this point. I really am happy with this neckline, but I sort of wish I hadn't changed two things at once, since now I'm not sure if it is the swim elastic, coverstitch or both that made it lay so nice and flat. I really do like the softness of the swim elastic though, and I think that was probably the major contributor. The coverstitch actually feels a little flimsy as compared to the triple zigzag. I guess we'll see how this wears.
I'm really glad that I'm taking the plunge into activewear. Although we're heading into our first real winter ever, I'm sort of excited for summer swimwear! Fortunately, gymnastics is year round and Myra is a clotheshorse. She's already requested a pink sparkly one.

So, today is the first day of Sewing Summit!! I am beyond excited!! I can't wait to hang out with all the awesome sewists. I even made a new top to wear. Hopefully i can get some fun pictures at the Summit!


  1. The leotard looks great! While the hologram spandex isn't really my taste, it's perfect for a little girl that loves sparkly, pretty things.:)

  2. That is a super cute leotard!

  3. Adorable! For my leotard and swimsuit I used Framilon (which is an elastic without textile covering) and a wide zig zag. It isn't perfect, but it lies nice and flat, so I'd agree the difference is probably in the elastic!

  4. Love the top you're wearing! So excited to meet you here at Sewing Summit!

  5. Great job.
    You have a lot of spandex sewing in your future.

  6. Myra looks super-cute in her leotard. It looks like you have done an amazing job making this - stretchy fabric like that can be so difficult to work with but you seem to have it tamed beautifully! A pink sparkly version will be adorable!

  7. What a great leotard! great job!
    Enjoy the sewing summit. I love sewing conferences!

  8. Myra is stylin' at her gymnastics class! Looks like she made a little friend, too. Have a wonderful time at the Summit!

  9. Super cute! Did you use a lining? I have been looking at the Jalie patterns, but am not sure what to get for lining.