Friday, April 1, 2011

Monthly Roundup - March 2011

Boy, did March end up being a busy sewing month! I made 11 items! They were;

1. Ring sling for Duncan and I
2. Simplicity 2709 dress for Myra
3. New Look 6816 PJ top for me
4. Butterick 5330 PJ pants for me
5. Ottobre 06/2010-28 shirt for Logan
6. Ottobre 03/2008-8 shirt for Duncan
7. Simplicity 3765 pants for Duncan
8. Ottobre 01/2009-23 pants for Logan
9. Ottobre 06/2010-10 dress for Myra
10. New Look 6793 dress and bloomers as a baby gift
11. Vogue 8323 top for me

I was able to do all of the kids' Easter sewing, which was fun, and included a few techniques that I wanted to practice, mostly on the boys' shirts. I'm getting more  comfortable with menswear details, which is good since I'd really like to sew some nice shirts for Mitch. I did some pintucks for the first time. Naturally I made it hard on myself by putting them on the bias. I'm crazy like that. I also have sewn up all but one of my UFOs. Hopefully I'll get to that last dress soon. I don't like things hanging around.

This month I sewed up 14 yards of fabric, 10 yards from stash. I have only made 2 fabric purchases, as I am trying to save up my pennies for a coverstitch machine. It's really hard to ignore those emails though! There were some great sales.

Spring has me inspired to sew so many things that I'm not sure where to start! I do need to finish my dress for Easter. It is coming along nicely, although now that it is mostly together, I'm not sure how much I love it.
I liked the clean look of it on the pattern envelope, but now it just strikes me as boring and uniform-like. It does still need hem, buttons and a bit of hand stitching on the sash. Mitch suggested some buttons with interest, like a bright color (pink?) or some sparkle. What do you think it needs?

In other news, Mitch's shirt has been traced and altered. He's so tricky to sew for, I'm going to make a wearable "muslin" out of some chocolate brown poplin and have him give it a real test run before I cut into our matching fabric. I'd like to get the fit right! Once I do, I have a couple other lengths of shirting with his name on it. The poor man has a terrible time finding shirts that fit! He has a slim build, but a thick neck. Mitch also needs some running shirts, which I think will sew quickly, if we can get the fit/pattern ironed out. I have half a dozen projects I want to make for me. The short list includes white wide leg pants (inspired by Mary Nanna), a red batwing knit top from the latest burda, and my next SISC blouse. I wonder how much of this I'll actually get done?

For this weekend, I probably won't sew anything at all! I'm heading up to visit my parents. I'll have some time to hang out at their house, but I'd be surprised if I used any of it getting to know mom's Babylock. So, I'll get back to my dress next week.


  1. Wow! 11! You amaze me, as usual! I do like the line of the dress but see what you're saying. I like the idea of sparkley buttons. Maybe a contrasting sash or long scarf? I know you'll get it always look so put together!

  2. It's a gorgeous dress! I think Mitch was right on about using some special buttons to add a little interest. As to which way to go, color or sparkle, I'm fresh out of opinions!:)

  3. I marvel at how you sew SO much in any given month! The dress is so clean in your construction. The princess seams in particular as so nice and smooth.

    Maybe a contrast belt would jazz it up...or you could do some fast and dirty hand embroidery (like a running stitch) on the belt in contrasting colors. Add a brooch and it'll be vintage fantastic!

  4. I like this dress. It has a very clean 40s vibe to it. I would probably go with white buttons with white topstitching on the belt. (Not very Eastery, but I think it would further the 40's feel.)

  5. I love the plainness of the dress and because it is such a beautiful colour I think that when you wear it, it will make you the star of the show! It will be simple, chic and beautiful and so will you.

  6. I think red shoes.

    I love it!

  7. I LIKE the dress. You're not wearing it, of course, but it seems like it'd be a good color for you.

    Ignore those emails!!! (I need to tell myself that too). You'll love having a coverstitch.

  8. I love the dress, and I'm sure it will look beautiful on you. I'd ditch the self-fabric belt and go for brown leather accents - I love that combination of blue and brown, a little bit unexpected and very chic. Or you could go retro with red buttons and accents, that would also be very cute.

  9. Wow, you have had a productive month! Your Easter dress is going to be gorgeous.

  10. I second the idea of interesting buttons. And what about a sash with more interest? Either a contrast or maybe even a pretty, Spring-like print.

  11. Wow, what a busy month. I really love the simpleness of the dress, I was immediately drawn to the photo. I would say keep it simple so you can dress it up with a great scarf, or bright cardigan

  12. I vote for contrasting belt and snazzy buttons - the lines are beautiful! You continue to astound...