Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simplicity 2709

Another pink princess dress done!
I know, it's a little OTT, but she loves it.
The pattern is Simplicity 2709, view E, which features a ruffled skirt, puffed, elasticated sleeves and a square neckline.  I made Myra a size 2, since she's sort of between sizes right now.  The only alteration I made was to narrow the SA on the neckline to tighten it up a little, as she has somewhat narrow shoulders.  The shell fabric is a cotton jacquard from FFC and the lining is acetate from FabricMart.  The princess applique is by Dritz and was purchased at Joann.
In back, I used an invisible zipper.
And fully lined the dress.  These two changes made it necessary to completely change the order of construction from the directions.  I started by assembling the lining.  I used the bodice pieces and the underskirt piece to construct the lining, but left it open at CB.  Then I assembled the bodice (without sleeves), upper tier and underskirt, still leaving CB open for my zipper insertion.  I then inserted the zip, added the second tier, which is topstitched to the under skirt, and inserted the lining.
I had to get a little creative with the ruffles and how I attached them at the zipper.  Since the zipper passes completely through the upper ruffle, I enclosed the edges of that ruffle in the zipper seam.  The zip ends halfway through the middle ruffle, so I seamed the lower half of the ruffle and narrow hemmed the upper edges to go around the zipper.
Here are the three ruffles.  As you can see, the top and bottom ruffles are seamed in, but the middle ruffle is topstitched on.  The pattern instructions called for a double fold hem at the top of the middle ruffle, but I serged it.
After the lining was inserted, I constructed and set in the sleeves, which I finished with the serger since the sleeves aren't sheer, then finished by attaching the bottom ruffle as the last step.
It worked out well and Myra loves her dress.  It was perfect for an ice cream date with Daddy.
I think this was the most I've changed up a pattern.  I really just ended up ignoring the instructions completely and doing it my own way.  This is definitely the most complex garment that I've constructed without instructions.  It made me realize how far I've come.  Ready for Marfy?  Maybe not, but I am definitely gaining confidence!


  1. Adorable! It floors me how much she looks like you! And I have no doubt you could make a Marfy pattern. Go ahead, we're waiting! :-)

  2. super cute!!
    also, love how she's using two spoons for her ice cream. maybe i'll try that next time i have ice cream!

  3. What a lovely little dress! You did an amazing job with the lining and all the change ups! She does seem to love it. I tell ya, that girl knows how to eat a frosty!

  4. Of course she loves it! What little princess wouldn't!? You came up with clever ways to change up the pattern to fit your needs with the zipper, etc... I almost never even look at pattern directions any more.

  5. You have come a very long way!! I love the dress - and sometimes I construct something how I want but I worry about draping in the pattern! Great job!

    But on a selfish note, I'm dying to see you tackle a marfy!

  6. You are ready for Marfy.

    I love seeing Princess Myra properly attired!
    I also love the shot of her eating ice cream with 2 spoons!! She is so efficient!

  7. Sarahbelle said it . . . (so you should believe her) you are ready.

    Darling dress!

    I love progress.

    Why aren't invisible zip instructions included?
    You could write that book?
    IYST (in your spare time)

  8. What a cute dress! Myra looks like she really enjoyed it.

  9. Very cute. I think every little girl would love a ruffled dress like that!

  10. I believe that when you are under 5, OTT does not apply - the more pink and ruffles, the better! (Where are her spangled princess slippers and tiara? )She looks very pretty and the dress is beautifully constructed.

  11. Adorable. How could you not make this for such a sweet little gal?

  12. I love this, she looks so happy in her fancy dress! What a great job, Mom!

  13. I can't get over how prolific you are! That dress is so cute.

  14. It's totally OTT, but so perfect for her! :)