Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quickie dress

A friend of mine came by for some help on a project she's working on.  She wanted to make a quick little sundress as a birthday gift for a young lady with a thing for ladybugs.  She found this cute ladybug pre-shirred fabric at Walmart.  Now, let me stop for a moment and say that shirring fabric yourself is really easy.  There are a few great tutorials at Pretty Ditty, Just Tutes, and PortabelloPixie- to name just a few.  Then you can use whatever fabulous fabric you want!  Still this ladybug print is super cute, and it saved us a step.  Basically, we sewed a long tube of the preshirred fabric, added straps and a cute appliqued pocket and the dress was done!
Here's the pocket.  Cute, eh?
I hope she likes it!

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