Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wearing McCall's 5664

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm celebrating by wearing my new top today and I am so far, very pleased! It is comfortable, although the sleeves feel a little strange at first when you tie the tie, as it pulls them forward, but it doesn't restrict movement at all. It is great to nurse in, and I was a little worried about that. Even having sewn the placket up twice as high as the pattern called for (apparently, McCall's thinks the world is interested in seeing my nursing bras), there was plenty of ease to move it aside to nurse. I think that if I pulled up the shirt to nurse there would be a lot of fabric in Myra's face, though. The ties are a good length, as they don't dangle into "stuff". As a mom of babies there is a lot of "stuff" I don't want on my clothes.

As an added bonus, Myra finds the contrast tie to be absolutely irresistible. So, a built in baby soother. Can't ask for better than that! I've tried to get a picture of her playing with it, but she finds the camera more compelling and drops the tie whenever the camera comes in range, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

For next time, I will definitely use a fabric with some stretch again, but I think that I will lengthen the hemline a bit in the front, as the tie tends to pull it up, and I would like the ties to be just a smidge wider. I also think it would be cute in a fun print with coordinating solid ties.

In other news, Eli's little blessing outfit (Burda 9711 out of white seersucker) is coming along swimmingly. I got the pants completely done this morning and the shirt already has both pocket and collar. More on that once it's all done, but I will say that I am loving this pattern! Cute and easy are a very good combo in my book.

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